Why did we choose Sweden || Credit: Judith

Why did we choose Sweden?

2019 is almost here, and it’s time to set the goals for next year. I remember last year when I decided that in 2018 I’d begin my master and it would be somewhere in the world but my country. Among my options, I decided Sweden!

Why Sweden? What did I decide Sweden as my next destination? Because of four reasons.

1- Sweden has very well-known, and high-status universities in which you can choose from a wide variety of programmes. I wanted to study Interaction Design and KTH have the programme.

2- Being an international is one of the best experiences ever. Meeting new people and living surrounded by another culture pushes you to learn many things not taught in academia (I will write a post about it soon).

3- Even though I’m 3 hours and a half flight from home, I’m in Europe. I can travel and explore the continent cheaper and faster than from other cities.

4- Last, if you are from the European Union you don’t pay fees. It’s always a positive point to take into consideration when choosing a university.

Yet, each of us has different reasons, and so I asked different international students the following question:

“Why did you come to Sweden to study?”

Get to know other students’ answers by watching the video!

These are the reasons from 5 different students, yet Sweden is full of international students who would give thousands of different answers to the same question. Still, all of them have something in common: They all decided Sweden as their new place to live.

So, is your new year’s resolution to come to study in Sweden?

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Hi! I'm Judith from Barcelona but I just moved to Stockholm to study my master's programme in Interactive Media Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I'm part of the video team which means I will tell how is to be a student in Sweden and to live in Stockholm through visual stories. A bit about me: I love to discover the world, play different sports (Tennis my favorite), meet new people and spend time with my friends, and I'm a chocolate and travel addict.
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