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Study in Sweden for beginners : Guide to apply in “”

Applying to universities in Sweden can be pretty difficult for some people at the beginning. However, it is not difficult at all in fact it is very easy and convenient.  This guide will try to explain you the steps you should follow in the webpage of University Admission  but of course It is not an official guide, it is a guide that can help you understand better and have everything in order.

What is University Admission?

Is the official website for applying to studies in Sweden.

If you want to apply to a bachelor or master you should do it via this webpage t

Searching Programmes

What you should do first is to search your target programmes. Is very easy in the image you can see the green bar, there you can search with keywords, or also you can select according to the area you are interested.

For example I wrote “Master in Global Health”. The results show the programmes in different universities in Sweden.

Do not forget to write in a paper or cellphone the codes of the programme, because there programmes with the same name but in different universities.

In the image you can see the master programme in Global Health in Karolinska Institutet the code is KI-D1002

The programme of master programme in Global Health in Uppsala University is  UU-M3556

Be careful with that!

Creating user account

It is very important to create an account because that is the way you can have access to all your application.

Create your account with an email that you use regularly, also write a password that you can remember. This is very important, because after creating an account you will be accessing the portal often (to upload documents, search information and others)

If you are not from Sweden or previously study or work here you don’t have a Personnummer, so you should select NO. If everything is ok and you start study in Sweden you will be able to update that information, dont worry. so, only with your mail is ok

After selecting NO, you will need to fill the form to create the account, be careful, try to review everything twice in order to not have problems.

This is the information you need to fill in the form

It is finished when you press “create account”

This will appear after creating your account

Remember check you mail to confirm that is linked with university admissions

Ready to apply!

Now you are ready to apply! In the first step you learned how to search programmes, now you should do the same but you need to select the ones that you really want to apply.

you should select “Add” if is the programme you want.

After you select this is how looks

You can select 4 programmes to apply (The application fee is general , you pay 900kr for the entire application it doesn’t matter if you select 1 or 4 programmes)

In the right corner you will see in the blue box “My application” there is where your selection is saved

Rank your selection

After choosing the programmes you want to apply, you also need to rank them. This is very important especially if you want to apply for scholarships. In some universities they gave priority in scholarships  to students that choose their programmes as first in ranking.

The arrows help you rank your programmes.

You can still doing changes after your first ranking selection, normally you received an email for every change (don’t forget to check you email often after application)

After being really sure about your choice you should submit your application

Read every advice carefully

Double check if the rank if fine

Application Fee

The application fee is 900kr (as I said before it doesn’t matter if you apply 1 or 4 the cost is the same) It is important understand that the money is not for Swedish Institute or for Universities.

There are some exceptions to pay application fee, try to be careful or also do not doubt in email them, they will reply with an exact answer.

In my experience I should pay, so I use a debit card from my country it works perfectly.

Of course you can wait to pay until be really sure, but be careful with deadlines (sometime the deadline for pay application tution fee is different)


This is the most important part, I suggest to you make a checklist before upload everything, also send and email if you have any question about documents. Remember that once you upload a document you cannot erase it.

read carefully

Usually some master programmes ask for documentation extra, you have to upload it in the part of OTHER DOCUMENTS. Remember write in the extradocument a name that the university can recognize (For example: Letter of intent Upssala University)

 More suggestions

As you see it is not difficult, but you need to be careful and organized to have a perfect application, I would like to recommend you some other advices :

  • Upload documents in color, so the sign and stamp can be seen.
  • If you don’t have a Diploma in english, you should translate it in a authorized office. You should upload both version english and original language
  • Check the portal and your email often, sometime they send messages asking more information or to fix some document that is not clear.
  • after paying you can still making changes, but better if your do the application well since the beginning.
  • Check deadlines for everything
  • Please read every part of the portal, most of the time the answer of your doubts are there. Search for Q&A in the portal is useful too.
  • Don’t be shy, email university admission for any question you have, they will answer you. The same with universities, be sure of everything.

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Blogs for you about application:

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I hope this guide can give you a better idea in how apply. As I said it is not an official guide, perhaps there are people that have a different experience. But this blog is for that, to help future students.

Do you have any comment or suggestion? please leave your comment, help me help students.


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