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First year studying in Sweden : Swedish Institute Scholarship holders testimonials

Hi! Last time I shared the insights of my first semester in Sweden Student Life in Sweden: My first semester in Gothenburg in 7 words also I shared with you a blog about why some latin scholars decided to study in Sweden : Why did I choose Sweden? : Latin Students in Sweden

Now I decided to share with you some short testimonials of some 5 Swedish Institute Scholarship holders. All of them have finished their first year of master studies in Sweden, they are happy and prepared for the second year.

María Fernanda Aguilar

Country: Ecuador

Master Programme and University in Sweden : Computer Systems and Networks, Chalmers University of Technology

It is a year in Sweden! What is the most valuable thing you learn or  problem you overcome so far?

“It’s been challenging and demanding, but I’ve really appreciated the dedication of the teaching staff, both professors and assistants are always up willing to help and guide. The most valuable thing has been the feedback from them, always positive and useful for significant improvement.”

What would like to share to future applicants? 

“Living in Sweden is an experience to change our chip. If you decide to come, then prepare to experience the academic growth and the sustainable future, while embrace the darkness and the winter.”

Dennis Amadi

Country: Malawi

Master Programme and University in Sweden : Master of Medical Science in Global health

It is a year in Sweden! What is the most valuable thing you learn or  problem you overcome so far?

“What a Year !!! Quite a lot in a year has been learnt not to mention the intensive and rigorous academic progress and journey towards attaining MscGH. The year hasn’t been smooth as expected especially when it comes to finding accommodation and making friends with the swedish people. Over 8 months on a Q Eventually I managed to secure one of the best apartment in a quite nice area with everything within walkable distance.”

What would like to share to future applicants? 

“For accommodation in Gothenburg, its ideal to register with SGS and Boplats at the same time you are doing the application so that you are able to accumulate many days as possible before you arrive or within the few months of your arrival in Sweden. Moving to a new city , country or town may be so exciting , make sure you remain focused as you explore your new environment as the academic work will not wait for you to acclimatise yourself to this new environment. Be the friend you want to have , be free and open don’t be a closed up person in so doing you will be able to make many friends that will last forever”

Gaurab Lama

Country: Nepal

Master Programme and University in Sweden : Structural Engineering and Building Technology; Chalmers University of Technology

It is a year in Sweden! What is the most valuable thing you learn or  problem you overcome so far?

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned so far is the power of being independent, the power of an individual. Having never lived away from my family in a foreign land before, I had many doubts if I would be able keep up with the rigors of pursuing a Master’s degree while balancing everyday life. And yet here I am, doing all those things while still participating in extra-curricular activities and improving myself everyday. Living independently has given me the strength to break out of my comfort zone, and a lot of good things have happened since I came here.”
What would like to share to future applicants?
“My advice for future applicants would be to make the most of your time in Sweden. Sweden offers a lot of opportunities to explore and try out new things, learn new skills and experiment. Do not be afraid to try out these things as more often than not, good things will come out of it. Studying is important of course, but it is also important to enjoy the journey and savor the time and moments which you are never getting back.”

Sergio Flores

Country: Honduras

Master Programme and University in Sweden : Master in Public Heatlh with an Specialization in Health Economics

It is a year in Sweden! What is the most valuable thing you learn or  problem you overcome so far?

“There are many things I have learned, but I would highlight the experience of meeting people from so many backgrounds in a cosmopolitan, academic environment. It is fascinating (and humbling) to get to know so many perspectives, stories, and cultural traits different from your own. You definitely learn that the world is a large, diverse community that has a lot to bring to the table in regards to how to tackle global problems. It has been really amazing how our teachers and universities handle so well this plurality of worldviews, and this is a lesson I won’t ever forget.”

What would like to share to future applicants? 

“I would recommend to future scholarship holders the following: realize the superpower each one of us has of doing small and consistent changes every day, which ultimately translates to achieving huge things. Read 5 pages every day for your next class, spend 30 minutes the night before preparing a healthy meal to take to class, complete just one Swedish lesson daily, work out for half an hour, sleep regularly every day…after one year, let alone two, you will experience tremendous progress physically and mentally.”

Aleksei Shcherbakov

Country: Russia

Master Programme and University in Sweden :European and International Tax Law, Lund University

It is a year in Sweden! What is the most valuable thing you learn or  problem you overcome so far?

“That was a challenging year, not only because of the COVID-19 pandemic but because of many difficulties that raised. Cold, rainy and gloomy weather, early darkness, “coldness” of Swedes, the need to be in time, not late, follow all the deadlines, high academic workload with plenty of seminars and writing assignments. Moreover I was robbed 3 times, met my love and passed through a painful breakup. So the most valuable thing I learned is how to be in love with myself. I started to take things easily, to enjoy every moment regardless of any circumstances.”

What would like to share to future applicants? 

1. Love yourselves. You need to know that the most important person in your life is YOU! Don’t chase love, relations, friendship. Concentrate fully on your studies. Loneliness can be more enjoyable than a cheerful company. Your books will become your best friends.
2. Keep an eye on your things. I thought that Sweden is a safe place until my bike was stolen, my wallet was stolen and my sneakers were stolen from the cabinet in the swimming pool.
3. Find a hobby. Try something new. I tried yoga, hiking, wakeboarding and skydiving and really enjoyed them much.
4. Buy some candles, plants, paintings and decorate your room, regularly cook something delicious, read books, watch Netflix and listen to some nice music.
5. Learn Swedish. It’ll help you to socialize and get a job. The language is really important if you are planning to stay in Sweden after your studies. Have a great time!

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