Andaç Baran

Andaç Baran

Hej people!

This is Andaç Baran. Born and raised in Turkey, lived in the Capital City, Ankara and the city of continents, Istanbul. Now, I am studying in Digital Media and Society Master Programme in a lovely, cosmopolitan city, Uppsala.

After almost 2 years of work experience in Istanbul, I felt like it is perfect time to study more in academia and moved to Sweden.

What do I like? It totally depends on my mood however I don’t need so many things to feel great. A day as in lyrics of “Perfect Day” is more than enough.

Just a perfect day

Drink Sangria in the park

And then later

When it gets dark, we go home

Just a perfect day

Feed animals in the zoo

Then later

A movie, too, and then home


Lastly, do not forget that “La beaute est dans la rue” or as people say in Swedish “Skönheten ligger på gatan”



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