I’m Emma and I’m from the UK. I’ve loved Swedish traditions and culture for many years, but my country’s recent big dumb political decision gave me the extra nudge I needed to apply to study in Sweden.

I’m studying my Master’s in Performance at Stockholm University. I was studying in Uppsala last year but it didn’t feel quite right to me, so now I am studying in Stockholm and I am so glad! I love my course, professors and classmates, and am really glad I made that decision. My research focus lies with theatre and migration, and I am very interested in contemporary female playwrights and theatre companies coming out of the UK and Sweden. I’m a playwright, director, actor and hope to do my PhD in Theatre and Performance in the future. I’m also very into the idea of devising some English/Swedish-language collaborative pieces so if anyone is interested, hit me up!

My role in Study in Sweden is producing, editing and co-hosting the podcast with my wonderful colleague Sanjay. We’ve revamped the format of the podcast to explore different neighbourhoods in Sweden, so stay tuned for some little explorations around this beautiful country. The podcasts which I hold dear to me and learn so much from are Call Your Girlfriend and The Savage Lovecast. Both are like presents every week when I see these come up on my feed.

I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful team, and to discover more of this wild and wonderful country!

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