I’m Emma and I’m from the UK. I’ve loved Swedish traditions and culture for many years, but my country’s recent big dumb political decision gave me the extra nudge I needed to apply to study in Sweden.

I’m studying my Master’s in Literature at Uppsala University, where my main focusses are on theatre as rehabilitation for refugees, contemporary Latina/o theatre and the effect of neoliberal economic and social policy upon twenty-first century literary production. I love all things theatre, whether that’s playwriting, directing or acting (but playwriting in particular is my jam), and think it’s really important to encourage that theatre does not have to be some lofty, elitist thing – it should be made by and for everyone!

For studyinsweden.se, I’ll be in charge of producing the fortnightly podcast, covering topics from Swedish recipes to Swedish theatre and any suggestions you guys may have. The podcasts which I hold dear/hope to emulate even a fraction of their creativity are the Savage Lovecast, Call Your Girlfriend and Interviews for Resistance.

I’m super excited to be a part of this wonderful team, and to discover more of this wild and wonderful country!

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