I`m Gabriel Sebastian.

I`m from the Land of Species in India, Kerala (State in India). Being from a land with a great variety of spices and amazing tourist spots, I grow up to be a foodie. I love trying out new foods and tastes all around the world.

I do my Masters in Robotics and Automation in University West in Trollhattan.

I have been working on robotics and automation technologies for a long time from my undergraduate and when I was a part of a corporate company. Working on projects and papers are one of my many hobbies.

I love technology and love working with new technologies.I`m an innovator and a creative thinker. Being a technology graduate, I pursue a lot of technology innovations. And I will be happy post blogs as well as pictures of the same to share with all.

I am part of the Instagram team and also make blog posts.

On free time, I will get my camera and start travelling. Love long walks and taking pictures. I concentrate on Macro and Landscape Photography. Even in macro, I concentrate mostly on tiny insects and wonders of nature. I live in a small town which is near to the second largest city, Gothenburg in Sweden. Trollhattan is covered in greenery and is well known for its dams and waterways.

I love to talk to people and tell about what I experience here. I find this the best spot to do that. So follow my posts and pictures in the Blog post and Instagram to know more about what I experience here.

My posts