Hello! Hej hej! Merhaba!

Currently, these three words contain all my life and apparently I am quite happy with that!

My name is Hazal. I’m from Turkey. I was born in Istanbul.

I’m studying my Master’s in Ethnic and Migration Studies at Linköping University Campus Norrköping. Since I was a child I’ve always been curious to go further than that of those around. Furthermore what took me to Sweden its cinema, music, nature, creativity, equality, innovation, fika, lagom, minimalistic style. So, it seems a lot! So far, I can say that this is one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

I love traveling, discovering new places and trying new food. I also like deep conversations, hanging out with friends, dancing and having fun together.

I am passionate about world cinema, house music and photography. In my spare time, I work out and try to be out-door to enjoy stunning nature of Sweden.

As a part of the Study in Sweden team, I am thrilled to share my experiences with you all through both blog posts and Instagram posts&stories. Please stay tuned and inspired!

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