My name is Ivanna, I’m from Dominican Republic, the land of merengue, colorful houses and paradisaical beaches.

I’ve always wanted to study abroad, take a step out of the comfort zone and dare to try new things. Therefore you can imagine how grateful and happy I was the morning I received the email saying that I was awarded with he Swedish Institute Scholarship to pursue a Master Science in Strategic Communication in Lund University.

So here I am, living the dream. 5,000 miles away from my Caribbean home, way up north, loving it.

I’m curious about stuff that involve digital media, sustainable development and the study of communication as the thread that connects and shape society. I also enjoy spending time in nature, the feeling you get when walking into a library, road trips and the smell of morning coffee. I always carry a small notebook and a pen, ready to explore the world and write about it.

Feel welcome to come along for this journey and let’s discover Sweden together!


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