## Ambassador 2018-2019 ##
Hej! Moin! Salut! Hello! God dag!

I’m Katharina and I was born & raised at the beautiful shore of Northern Germany in between dunes, waves and a fresh sea breeze. Whether it was France, Denmark or Canada, I never really managed to abandon the water. Since August ’18, Lake Vättern is my daily dose of H2O. I currently pursue a Master’s Degree in Global Management at Jönköping University

If I am not busy studying, you can find me in nature, taking photos, on the back of a horse, or drinking Chai Latte!
I absolutely adore Swedes’ sense for coziness and minimalism, their traditions and the country’s breathtaking nature. Sustainability is something I deeply care about and Sweden offers expertise in that field being among the most sustainable countries in the world.

I am incredibly excited to share my honest experiences here, inspire and motivate! I hope you stay tuned on both, our blog and Instagram!


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