Hello and hej!

I’m Lauren and I spent the first chunk of my life in the UK before moving to South Korea to teach English, hike the biggest mountains I could find and play music in an all-girl Korean/American/English rock band! I then took part in an artist residency in Taiwan, and now I’m in the somewhat cooler climes of Sweden, specifically Gothenburg where I am studying Photography.

I had always dreamed of studying at a university in a different European country, one that lay across the water from my small island. A big reason I was interested in Sweden was the romance and intrigue of this Nordic nation; cobbled streets suffused with the scent of freshly-baked cinnamon buns and dog-sleds racing across a snowy wonderland beneath the magical green glimmer of the aurora borealis… but as well as this, Sweden is well-known throughout the world for its progressive attitude towards sustainability and equality, and I am interested to understand how Swedish society operates.

In this blog I aim to help you to find out what Sweden’s all about, and encourage you to enjoy all that this fabulous country has to offer!

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