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What Sweden has taught me?

Moving to a foreign country changes many things in your life. You make new friends, find your way to new places and  experience things you never have before. But most importantly you learn a lot. So this is what Sweden has taught me. Language The most obvious one. Although I had studied Swedish before moving […]

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Am I becoming a Swede?!

Few days ago a co-worker brought candies to the office and left them on a table so everyone could take some. Several hours later I passed by the bag wanting to take one more but when I realised there was only one left I automatically walked by and made it to my desk without taking the last piece. […]

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Summer Project: iGEM

Justine had told you about the ways to spend summer in Sweden, but there is one thing that she forgot to put on the list: doing a summer project. Well, it is also something that you can do in other countries but in here you can celebrate the fun midsummer tradition, go kayaking on the weekend […]

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How to spend your summer in Sweden

The most beautiful time of the year in Sweden has arrived! We have all finally experienced the beautiful sunny days, swimming or kayaking at the lake, and making trips to new places in the sunshine. If you are moving to Sweden this fall for your studies you might deliberate when to come to Sweden. Since […]

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Summer in Stockholm

My 2 Favorite Season Card in Stockholm

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I guess most people think the same. I officially have preferred season since I live in Sweden. Back then in Indonesia, weather don’t really change. During this period, people are crazy either about holiday, vacation, going back home, summer sale, or like me, enjoying the benefit of […]

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First Year of Master’s: DONE!

It is incredible how time flies. I still remember the day I arrived to Sweden like it was yesterday, but it’s been 10 months already in here, that means that I’m halfway done! First year of my master’s degree has come to an end, this translates into two things; first of all SUMMER BREAK is […]

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