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A little taste of Home.

Sweden, like more other European countries,  has a lot of different restaurants which offer different types of European Cuisine!  But what about food from other continents? I get a quite a lot of emails asking me about how to manage food in Sweden. Are there places where we can get Indian food? African spices? Asian […]

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Nature And Sweden

Sweden has many parks, nature reserves, and forests! For the past month around, me and a couple of my friends have been exploring such amazing places together. Summer and fall are the best time to go to such places. Since we were all at travelling or went back home in summer, we decided to explore […]

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Internship in Sweden: What to expect? | 1/3

I remember sitting in my room, looking outside the window with some notes written down on paper while having an interview over the phone regarding a position I was applying for. After half an hour conversation the interviewer finally told me: “Well, Ivanna ,we would like to have you in our team, when can you start?” […]

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Summer Festival Life

The Summer Festival life was a hazy dream..or was it? With Autumn here, I find myself reminiscing of the summer past. Way Out West This summer I attended the Way Out West (WOW) festival in Gothenburg from the to 12th of August. For three days what felt like all of Sweden’s hipsters, party animals, musicians, vegans, young and old congregated […]

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Deadlines are my worst enemy.

Second week of school started today and I feel like I’m already behind my deadlines. You know that feeling at beginning a new semester, or a new year and saying, “this year/semester will be the one, this is the good one” …well basically that’s me at the beginning of every academic period for the past […]

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Crayfish Party 101

Another post about crayfish party! After Raghu and Dena shared their experience in this Swedish tradition I think you have some pictures already on how this party would be, but what should you do if you get an invitation to a Kräftskiva hosted by your friend? What are the norms here in accepting an invitation […]

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