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Museums in Umeå part 1: Kvinnohistoriskt museum & Bildmuseet

Although, I’ve lived in Umeå for 1,5 years now, I haven’t paid much attention to the museums they have here. So I decided to start exploring the cultural activities Umeå has to offer and share them with you. Today I visited two museums: Kvinnohistoriskt museum and Bildmuseet. The current exhibitions were modern art, which is […]

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Dalarna the Swedish region you have to visit | Campus Tour 6/7

Have you ever arrived into a place and felt “home” from the moment you walked in… this happened to us right after arriving in Dalarna. It was the last stop of our Campus Tour, but the expectations were very high, and… as you’ll read the reality was even better. Two days full of surprises shared […]

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How Forest Changed Me

I was born and raised in the big city of Jakarta, a city with population more than 10 million. You see building everywhere. Cars, roads, skyscraper, you name it. It does not really sleep even during the midnight. I thought Jakarta has almost everything a city should have. Until I move to Sweden. One of […]

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12 Amazing Swedish Innovations

Sweden has been, and still is, one of the leading countries in the world in terms of innovations. From Skype to the seat belt, there are so many things  invented in Sweden that we use in our daily lives. The reason behind the large scale innovations in Sweden is the value and freedom given to […]

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