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Discovering Järntorget: Welcome to the Iron Square of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is not a small city and, as I’ve been here for only two months, I still have to explore the city properly. However, this doesn’t mean that so far I haven’t seen some good spots or venues or nice areas which are worth visiting. Indeed, one of my favourite streets is Andra Långgatan, few […]

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Höstkärlek | Autumn in Sweden.

This is, by far, my favorite part of the year. It’s a little bit cold outside (not too cold) and the colors are so bright. And I totally forgot about that! I’m still so shocked about all the colors that it seems like I’ve never experienced fall in my life haha Autumn in Sweden is […]

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Am I happy I moved to Malmö? – Embracing my inner Swede

In my first post I introduced you to my future Alma Mater – Malmö University. Now it is time for me to introduce myself. Let me tell you about my first two months in Sweden and how living in in the land of Vikings differs from living anywhere else. And answer the burning question: was […]

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Win a scholarship to study in Lund University

Yes, you could be one step closer to study in Sweden, because Lund University is adding an additional €350,000 in scholarships to applicants beginning their studies in autumn 2017. This is a special year, the number one university in Sweden and one of the world top 100 best, its celebrating 350 years of education and research. […]

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How exams work in Chalmers?

Let me begin with the fact that I hate exams. I get nervous, stressed and my mind goes blank as soon as I read the first word written in the exam. In Chalmers exams are slightly different (Sweden vs. Mexico), now that exam week is just around the corner I thought it would be a […]

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Sweden Diet

[Disclaimer: This is not a post on how to do Sweden diet.] A few lectures ago, I had a water week. It was all about water and (this is the important part) how our consumption affects the climate change. As you can see in my short bio, indeed I am studying sustainable development hence my […]

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