Chalmers Sauna & 1001 reasons to become a Chalmerist alumnus

Chalmers has two saunas. One is the student union building. It is hot. It is quintessentially Swedish. It has a window that overlooks the garden below. It reminds me of an exclusive Scandinavian Spa at a ski resort. The only difference is that it is free for Chalmers students. I frequent there with friends to relax. I always remember to bring beers, but I almost always forget to bring a towel… Whenever I have friends visiting Chalmers/Göteborg/Sweden for the first time, this sauna is a must!

DSC08662Today, I wanted to mention Chalmers’ other sauna… it is about an hour and half (by transit) from Chalmers… it is in the forest and by a lake… it is the Shangri-La.

But I discovered it too late. I had a busy year and I have declined multiple offers to go to the outdoor sauna (and I really regret it!). The sauna was officially closed on June 1st for renovation. And it will remain closed for one year. Luckily, my girlfriend Eva booked the sauna on the 31st of May for her friends. Initially I was a little hesitant (because I have “too much work”). But I decided to tag along (after some “convincing”). It turned out to be the right decision.


Chalmers Outdoor Sauna Package:

  • You can rent one of the two saunas: the big one can house up to 40 people, the small one can host 15ish.
  • Cost: 800 kr per night (split that among your group, so its pretty cheap)
  • There is a cottage next to the sauna, where you can cook, chill, and sleep over…
  • Oh, there is that canoe!


Chalmers Sauna Highlight – The Canoe!

I lövvvv canoeing. I love being on the water… paddling, drinking, relaxing… Eva and I took the canoe and started drifting downwind. Just be careful, I remembered having to paddle really hard to get back to the cottage. Nevertheless, I felt all the stress and frustration got washed away.


Too bad we only rented it for a day. We could have stayed for a few more… but exams were waiting for me. I really didn’t want to leave.

Don’t worry! You can still book the sauna after you graduate. There was a family spending the weekend at the cottage before we arrived. The husband told me they live in Germany now days, but they came up to celebrate his wife’s 40th birthday.


Once Chalmerist, forever Chalmerist…


All of a sudden, a spontaneous downpour began. But it stopped almost as soon as we took our raincoats out.






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  • Guest • 11 Jun 2015 at 1.41 pm Reply

    Curious, why Canadian-Chinese and not Chinese-Canadian? I rarely, if at all, hear the term Canadian-Chinese being used in Canada. Similarily Swedish Canadian, Swedish American, Japanese Canadian, and so forth. Is this a Swedish way of phrasing?

    • Gimmy Liu • 14 Jun 2015 at 8.57 pm Reply

      Hi there, you are correct.
      But it was just alphabetical ordering. No deeper in-pregnant meanings 😛

      BR/ gimmy

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