Practical Info: Shipping matters!

¤ Shipping from outside EU? Avoid customs fees and VAT.

Since I could not fit all my essential belongings into the 25 kg baggage limit when I moved to Sweden, my folks helped me to ship my stuff over to Sweden. There were usually no complications until one day when I received a postal notice that I had to pay customs duty and it wasn’t a small amount.

The reason was because my family forgot to select the ‘gift’ option on my parcel, the field was unintentionally left blank. The customs assumed it was commercial goods. I had to prove that the consignment were my personal belongings but that was easy. Firstly, the sender’s name was my mother from a residential address (and not a company) and secondly, the customs physically inspected the goods which were my used personal belongings, nothing new and under 500 SEK. Even after fulfilling all the customs’ requirements, I was still charged an ‘administrative fee’, on top of the reduced custom fees. In short, I still had to pay several hundred kronor.

To avoid customs duty or VAT on shipping outside EU, always ensure that

  • consignment is intended for personal use
  • ‘gift’ option is selected
  • gift is received from a private individual/family/relatives/friends (and not company)
  • the value of the consignment does not exceed 500 SEK

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¤ Proof of ID when picking up parcels and posts

If you do not have a Swedish ID card, always bring your passport for ID proof. This does not happen often but my Greek classmate encountered her parcel being held by the post because they refused to accept her EU id-card. She had left her passport in Greece as it was not required when travelling within EU countries. After escalating the issue to higher authorities, she managed to retrieve her parcel after a few months.

Save the trouble, bring your passport in case.

¤ Name matching

This also happens frequently among my friends. The parcel might be returned if the name on the parcel does not match the ID exactly. Sometimes, the sender may have written the addressee’s nick name instead of full name or sometimes the addressee is known to others by another name which was not officially stated in the ID. In any case, always ensure that the name on the parcel matches the name on the ID.

¤ Online shopping outside Sweden

If you shop online within EU for your personal use, happy shopping, there are no VAT or custom charges. If you shop online outside EU, you must pay VAT and forwarding costs. My advice, it is not worth it. The customs duties and charges usually end up costing more than the value of the goods. Having said that, Swedish postal system is very efficient and I always receive my goods in a very short time. Just take note of some of the minor practicalities and it would be smooth sailing.

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  • Angelina
    Angelina Ho • 14 Jul 2015 at 6.45 pm Reply

    Hi Asad,

    Although certain shipments not exceeding SEK 1400 are exempted from custom duties, VAT and forwarding costs are still required. I bought an apparel from outside EU worth 90 SEK, but still ended up paying VAT+forwarding costs.

    More info here

  • Angelina
    Angelina Ho • 6 Jul 2015 at 10.58 pm Reply

    Hi Amanullah,

    Do check out for information regarding further education in Sweden. On the website, you can find out more information about the courses, universities in Sweden, different types of scholarships as well as the course requirements and prerequisites. Take note of the application dates and deadlines too. All the best!

  • MD.Amanullah • 6 Jul 2015 at 7.34 pm Reply

    Your comment …Dear sir,I want to study in a university in Sweden .Please help me for studing

  • MD.Amanullah • 6 Jul 2015 at 7.32 pm Reply

    Your comment …Dear sir,
    I am Amanullah.I am very interested to study in Sweden University.I haved HSC from Commerce.My result is 4.10.Can I get help from anyone please sir

  • Md Arif hossain • 1 Jul 2015 at 9.50 am Reply

    Your comment …It’s helpful. Thanks a lot.

  • hira devi mahato • 30 Jun 2015 at 8.46 am Reply

    In nepal we cant get like this fascilities u r the lucky because you are in Denmark.

  • Asad • 29 Jun 2015 at 4.03 pm Reply

    About Online shopping outside EU, the value of the goods should be less than 400 SEK value then no worries. no custom charges at all.

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