Using ‘agents’ to apply to Sweden

Quite a lot of the students have asked me about using ‘agents’ to get admission to Sweden. The way this goes is, usually private agents or institutions assist students throughout the whole process of admission and visa application in exchange for a fee. Though this is definitely not bad but I would like to point out few issues related to this subject. Given the application period is now open, this post is mainly for prospective students who are applying and among whom such trend is quite high.

Sweden has a very simple application process. All you have to do is make an account at and follow the detailed instructions given. Prior to that, you can also check to find all the information regarding fees to scholarships to visa. Therefore the material is very comprehensive. In my humble opinion, anyone with a computer and internet connection can do it without any sort of hassle. However, the problem arises when prospective students are not willing to do it themselves. Reasons can be lack of confidence, information or simply because they are uninterested. This is when they end up going to agents, who they trust to help them go through the whole process.  But in majority of the cases, they cannot deliver what they promise.

First of all, students must be conduct prior research to see if these agents are authorized to conduct such activities. Moreover, they also have to check the respective universities they want to apply to check if they have any sort of partnership with the agents. If they do and can produce valid documentations for it, it can be safe. But usually that is not the case. Additionally, these agents often do not have the right information or aren’t aware of the whole application and visa process but they claim to. Thus in a way, it is a method of making money out of prospective students by promising them to get their work done. Moreover, the process might take way longer than expected and students can be charged extra for that.

On the contrary, if you do the whole process yourself by just following the guidelines yourself, this will save you a lot of money, time and effort. Moreover, this will also install confidence in you based on the fact that you will also be able to take care of yourself when you are abroad. So why not give it a shot from now?! Usually, agents charge a lot of money for doing something that you can literally do for free from your home. The only two major costs you have to bear is the application fee which is 900 Swedish Krona and the parcel cost which is needed to send your admission documents to Sweden. Therefore, it is way convenient for students and will also release you of worries regarding financial difficulties.

So I would strongly suggest giving some dedicated time to research about the application process. The internet is the largest repository of data and information and everything you need to know is out there. All you have to do it spend some effort into it. Applying to Sweden is not rocket science and Swedish authorities have made is the process as easier as possible, keeping the wide range of international audience in mind. Above that, we at the Digital Ambassador and Study in Sweden team is always there to help. So don’t think you have do it all by yourself!

Good luck and I wish to a pleasant experience with your applications to Sweden!


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  • jackman • 23 May 2016 at 10.00 pm Reply

    this website for the programs available and also see if the tuition fees are higher. Based on that, you can take your decision.

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  • Ardi • 19 May 2016 at 4.12 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan,im from Kosovo and im interest in an Insurance University and i cant find on the Admission,could u suggest me anyone?
    Thank You

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Jun 2016 at 1.43 pm Reply

      Hello Ardi,

      You have to be a bit specific about your field of studies, as its difficult to understand what you mean by ‘Insurance University’. However, check the “programmes” section in this website and find which ones are available.

  • naomi • 14 Jan 2016 at 8.34 am Reply

    Your comment …how long will my admission process take

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 14 Jan 2016 at 10.56 am Reply

      Hello Naomi,

      Approximately 2.5 months, considering the deadline to apply online is mid-January and admission decisions released end of March.

  • mishu • 17 Dec 2015 at 10.43 am Reply

    hello viya.I need to know about Swedish language barrier if I don’t know the Swedish language what kind of problem I have to face.without Swedish language can I able to take a part time job to bear my daily life in Sweden.cause I am coming from middle class family.also tell me about monthly income of a student.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 17 Dec 2015 at 11.46 am Reply

      Hello Mishu,

      Yes Swedish language will be a barrier if you are looking for part time jobs. Plus, the earning wont be enough to support your expenses here. Thus it is advised that you confirm other sources of funding before moving to Sweden. You can also take a look at our scholarship opportunities. Please read under ‘scholarships’ in this website.

      Good luck!

  • Arafat • 5 Dec 2015 at 12.36 pm Reply

    I have completed BBA program from South East University in Bangladesh.can i apply for masters in Sweden without IELTS.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 10 Dec 2015 at 1.53 pm Reply

      Hello Arafat,

      It will strongly suggested that you have IELTS before you apply. However, you can consult this with the university you are willing to apply and see if they make any exceptions.

      Good luck!

  • Torik • 22 Nov 2015 at 2.51 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan vai,
    I am from Bangladesh.I completed B.A (Hons) in Apparel Manufacturing Management & Technology from Shanto Mariam University of Creative Technology.Can I study in Master´s Programme in Fashion Studies, 120 hp at Stockholm University ? because Application
    Special eligibility requirements
    Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Social Sciences or equivalent. English B/6 or equivalent. Please Suggest me which programmes can I apply for MBA in Sweden.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 22 Nov 2015 at 5.19 pm Reply

      Hello Torik,

      MBA and Fashion Studies have different requirement. It would be wise to decide which degree you want to pursue and check its requirements. MBAs have different specializations so its completely a choice you have to make.

      Good luck!

  • Ahmed • 19 Nov 2015 at 9.31 pm Reply

    Hello Radwan,
    I am Ahmed from Egypt,I am postgraduate. What’s your advice about master scholarship and selecting suitable university regarding the Field of public health.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 19 Nov 2015 at 11.59 pm Reply

      Hello Ahmed,

      Please check the ‘programmes’ section in this website to see which universities provide public health degree. Moreover, kindly check the ‘scholarships’ section to find which ones would suit you best, as there are many and all of them have different criteria.

      Good luck!

  • sunday abu ogbe • 15 Nov 2015 at 5.25 pm Reply

    Am a Nigeria my name is Sunday Abu ogbe I like to know what it take to gain admission into your institution study at degree level,I appreciate prompt reply,thanks.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 15 Nov 2015 at 11.01 pm Reply

      Hello Sunday,

      At Linnaeus University we have variety of degrees with strong research focus. Please check in order to find the admission requirements and other criteria.

      Good luck!

  • khaled dgheim • 13 Nov 2015 at 5.09 pm Reply

    hello redwan i am a student in beirut arab university at lebanon in second year i want to complete my study in sweden can you help me if you please i want to know what i do and What are the documents that you want to present and did altered materials that i fineshed it in my university
    Thank you 🙂

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 13 Nov 2015 at 6.44 pm Reply

      Hello Khaled,

      Thank for your interest to study in Sweden. From you query, I assume you wish to credit transfer to Sweden. In that case, I would ask you to check the ‘programmes’ section in this website and find your desired course. Then you can contact the respective university separately to see if your credits would be accepted. They can thus provide guidelines on the documents required as well.

      Good luck!

  • mughanam malik • 12 Nov 2015 at 4.52 pm Reply

    Hi sir , i have completed my 12th grade securing 77 percent marks , 10 with 81 percent marks and did IELTS in April 2015 with overall score of 6.5 . Now i am willing to study medicine in Linnaeus university in swedish language . My question can i get swedish language course here and can i continue my medical education after language program ? Can i get any type of scholarship ? I am a Pakistani student .

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 Nov 2015 at 9.43 pm Reply

      Hello Mughanam,

      Thank you for your interest in Linnaeus University. I would highly suggest you contact the admission office here as learning Swedish before and then continuing studies is an exceptional case. They can provide further information on this.

      Good luck!

  • Enkhgerel • 12 Nov 2015 at 1.05 pm Reply

    Hi my name is enkhgerel. I am from mongolia. At the moment i am studying at 12th grade. So i very very want to study in sweden of undergraduate and tell me about undergraduate scolarship 🙂 thank you

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 12 Nov 2015 at 3.37 pm Reply

      Hello Enkhregel,

      Good to know you wish to pursue your studies in Sweden. In order to check scholarships, please visit the ‘scholarships’ section in this website. All information are provided there. Moreover, you can separately contact universities of your interest and check if they have any scholarships.

      Good luck!

  • redwan • 11 Nov 2015 at 7.53 am Reply

    I am Md Ramim Hassan.I read in class 12.Now how can I go Sweden.Please tell me what is need to go Sweden.How educational qualification need to go sweden.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Nov 2015 at 9.58 am Reply

      Hello Ramim,

      Most programmes at Bachelors level are in Swedish. However, you may find some in English depending on your interest. Please check “programmes” tab in this website and filter the search in order to check for availability. They will also provide you information on admission requirements and other information.

      Good luck!

  • Kedir Alo • 8 Nov 2015 at 6.14 pm Reply

    i have bsc by engineering from arbaminch university in ethiopia how can i apply my document

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 9 Nov 2015 at 1.46 am Reply

      Hello Kedir,

      You can read more about how to apply on this website. It will have also mentioned about the documents required. Additionally, you can also check for more information.

      Good luck!

  • Deboprashed Paul • 8 Nov 2015 at 11.59 am Reply

    Hi Redwan vai,
    I am Deboprashed Paul from sylhet Bangladesh. I am doing MBA in finance major and want to study in sweden at an MBA program. Is it necessary to show an IELTS score though my BBA, MBA are from a private university where the medium of study was English.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 8 Nov 2015 at 2.49 pm Reply

      Hello Deboprashed,

      Yes you still have to show your IELTS grades.

      Good luck!

  • abdulla al jubaer • 7 Nov 2015 at 5.08 pm Reply

    Your comment …hi .i m student of BBA first semister is going..i achive 5.00 in ielts.but in speaking less than 5.00.
    now could i aplay an versity of sewden for BBA course..
    kindly inform me..

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 8 Nov 2015 at 10.31 am Reply

      Hello Abdulla,

      It would be my suggestion to complete BBA in Bangladesh and then more to Sweden for Masters. Credit transfers depend from case to case and mostly, Swedish language needs to be known.

      Good luck!

  • Umesh • 7 Nov 2015 at 3.22 am Reply

    hello, I’m 20 years old sri lankan boy, how can apply study in Sweden,?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 7 Nov 2015 at 10.22 am Reply

      Hello Umesh,

      Which degree do you want to apply to? Regardless, please check ‘programmes’ in this website to find the ones that you are interested in. Then apply at

      Good luck!

  • PEDDI REDDY SIDDHARTH REDDY • 6 Nov 2015 at 9.11 am Reply

    I am doing my 5 years Integrated M.Sc in Chemistry. Do u have Ph.D programs in Chemistry with scholarships so that we can bear our living expenses? And what are the entry requirements? I mean do we need to write GRE and TOEFL as I am from India

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 4.54 pm Reply

      Hello Siddharth,

      PhD in Sweden is a job and you get paid a salary at a competitive rate. The applications are separately sent to the university. But before that, you have to ensure that there is a vacancy. If not, then application is not possible.

      Good luck!

  • andem augustine • 6 Nov 2015 at 1.29 am Reply

    please, can you site me any law school in sweden where I can study to became an advocate. please can you also send me some the universities in sweden offering international scholarship.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 4.55 pm Reply

      Hello Andem,

      Please check this site for under ‘programmes’ to find the schools providing law degree. Moreover, check ‘scholarships’ to find the ones that fir your criteria.

      Good luck!

  • Alia • 5 Nov 2015 at 11.36 pm Reply

    I want to do a job and also start my study in swedon.. If is it possible for me..

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 4.56 pm Reply

      Hello Alia,

      It surely is. Please find the programs you would be interested in to study and apply to them through About part time jobs, it would be difficult to secure one as you need fluent Swedish skills.

      Good luck!

  • saed • 5 Nov 2015 at 8.44 pm Reply

    my name is saed mohamed i interedted this apportunity

  • hellow redwan • 5 Nov 2015 at 8.30 pm Reply

    can i get any scholarship for master of law?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 4.58 pm Reply

      Hello Saidur,

      Please check ‘scholarships’ in this website to check which scholarship program would suit you best. For Bangladeshis, I recommend the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship.

      Good luck!

  • shabbir Ahmed • 5 Nov 2015 at 7.53 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan,

    I applied at Gavle University for MBA program for spring session 2016 but I didn’t get offer letter. what could be the main reason behind that and through which agent I applied, I’m not sure whether he applied in the perfect way. how can I be sure of that application?

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 5.00 pm Reply

      Hello Shabbir,

      Well the Spring 2016 semester has already started in January. Given that you did not receive the offer letter, the reason could be that you did not fit the admission requirements or that the agency you applied through didnt do what was supposed to be done. I wold advise you to contact Gavle University and see what went wrong.

      Good luck!

  • Meghal Bhavsar • 5 Nov 2015 at 7.14 pm Reply

    Hello Dear,
    I would like to study International Business.I has been done with some research.It will be good if you can suggest me some good universities.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 5.01 pm Reply

      Hello Meghal,

      It highly depends on various factors. Please check the course modules and research interest of the universities you wish to apply to. They vary significantly and might assist you in finding a suitable choice.

      Good luck!

  • Ravi ojha • 5 Nov 2015 at 7.12 pm Reply

    hi I am from India wish to study undergraduate on computer science engineering in Sweden.I don’t know how to get into.please help me.thank you.

    please email me about it,please.

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 6 Nov 2015 at 5.03 pm Reply

      Hello Ravi,

      Please check this website under “programmes” where you can find the degrees you are interested in. CSE is a popular field in Sweden and I am confident you will find lot of options. Once done, please check the respective university website to find out the admission requirements and information on how to apply.

      Good luck!

  • sayam • 4 Nov 2015 at 2.54 pm Reply

    Hi redwan,
    Can u pls advice me in which university i can get myself admitted easily and low cost of tuition fees. Thanks

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 4 Nov 2015 at 3.29 pm Reply

      Hello Sayam,

      That’s a very general question. I believe it depends on your interest as to what you want to study. You can check this website for the programs available and also see if the tuition fees are higher. Based on that, you can take your decision.

      Good luck!

  • Andrew • 2 Nov 2015 at 12.22 pm Reply

    Hello Redwan,

    I noticed that Stockholm School of Economics has its own application portal. I am guessing I don’t have to go through, is that correct?

    I appreciate your detailed post. Thank you!


    • Redwan
      Redwan • 2 Nov 2015 at 1.48 pm Reply

      Hello Andrew,

      Unfortunately I am not aware of SSE portal. Kindly please contact SSE admission office and they can help you out. Else, you can also contact our Digital Ambassador Raghu, who is a student at SSE right now.

      Good luck!

      • Aslam • 3 Nov 2015 at 8.42 pm Reply

        Assalamu alikum

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