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After the Internet has taken possession of our lives and our smart phones have become a vital organ for our body, we have met a couple of different concepts and new things. You all know them very well: emojis, likes, #hashtags…

To be honest, I am not so pessimist about the possession of the Internet. As a digital media student, it would be oxymoron to be skeptical about what social and digital media offer to us. And today, I would like to mention about how #hashtags can be beneficial for everybody, especially for prospective students. 🙂

If you regularly follow my blog post, probably you know that I am studying in Uppsala. A small, cozy, cosmopolitan town… However, until now, I did not write about Uppsala so much. That’s why I just wanted to mention about Uppsala but with the help of one of the biggest Instagram hashtags in Sweden: #Uppsala

Uppsala is the fourth biggest city in Sweden, just after, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. With this fact, it is not surprising that #Uppsala is one of hot hashtags in Instagram.

I always check related Instagram hashtags before visiting somewhere. And I strongly advise you to do this as well. Photos and videos of a location’s Instagram hashtag are great way to discover where you are going. Instagram photos are also good evidences with whom you are going to live together. It may seem counterintuitive, but people share the purist and the most sincere mood of themselves.

While leaving you alone with some selected Uppsala photos from Instagram, I just want to remind you that you can find much more beautiful ones on or pages.



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