Feelings of the last Swedish semester

It feels like yesterday that I came to Sweden for my Masters degree. That was back in 2014, almost 1.5 years ago but surely feels like not that long. I guess it’s all about the fantastic time I have had during my studies here. Not only have I enjoyed through the good education but also through travelling, exploring, networking and many more.

So what does it feel like exactly?

It is difficult to say to be honest. But I will try anyway.

First, it is all about that particular feeling you have after you finish an awesome game of FIFA or DotA. Something like “what am I going to do with life now”! So almost as I end by studies here in couple of months, I am in a fix as to what my response would be to that question. I can surely say that my time here in Sweden is just like an amazing FIFA game that I am playing and we are in our last couple of minutes!! 😀

Next, after the ‘game’ is completed, I would expect reality to strike and be like, “Redwan, it’s time to find work ma boy!” Oh yes, work – career, money, savings etc etc. Well, after all ‘ma boy’ Redwan has got some good education under the belt, so it’s time to put it to use and earn some bucks. So yes, have to look for a job, find something that I would love to do and simultaneously learn and grow as a professional. This will surely be a challenge and I am looking forward to it.

Among all these serious worries though, there are some positives. I can then safely take a month or two off and just eat, drink and sleep! Yes exactly nothing. I reckon it’ll pay off after all the hard work I have put in behind getting this degree here. So ma boy Redwan deserves some rest! 😀

But having said all these, I have to now return to my thesis and get some work going. In order to actualize all these plans, I have to finish my studies first. 😛

Adios for now!


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  • Nabil Raiyan • 8 Apr 2016 at 8.31 am Reply

    Hello Redwan, I am from Bangladesh and what brings me here is that I got chance in University of Gothenburg and I had few queries, regarding how you searched for accommodation, planned your living expenses in Sweden. Since we are from the same country, hoping that I could get benefited from the information you will provide. Thanks a lot. 🙂

    • Redwan
      Redwan • 11 Apr 2016 at 8.43 am Reply

      Hello Nabil,

      Well, I had attained at Swedish Institute scholarship to cover all my expenses. The university had guaranteed me accommodation for the first year and then I had to manage my own the second. Not sure how it goes in Gothenburg but you can contact our blogger Gimmy who is from Gothenburg as well. May be he can assist you with some accommodation information.

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