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Bringing Spouse While Studying: 4 Things They Can Do to Spend Time

One of the big consideration to think for a married student before studying abroad is, whether we should bring our spouse. If we do, will there be activities he/she can do during our study? Will it be boring for her? Will she able to make friends? Will language be a problem? Sometimes I get that question from perspective students, so I thought it’s good to write a bit about that.

I myself thought a lot about this before I come to Sweden. Even bigger decision than that, because that time we are not married yet, and in Islam we are not allowed to live with someone without marrying her. But I’m a simple man and dislike complicated things. We get married and honestly I did not really know if there is things she can do while I study. She is a doctor back at home and to work as a doctor in Sweden probably complicated. But she really likes the idea of traveling through Europe, so she got that going for her, which is nice.

Few months after we live in Stockholm, turns out there are many things spouse can do. Even more if we are being creative.

First, everybody speak good English in Sweden

Last time I check the data, its 96% of the people. Even great English, I would say. Good pronunciation, easy to be heard. So there is no need to worry about language. Even if your spouse did not speak English, there is a free Swedish language course. Taught fully in Swedish. The argument “oh I don’t speak English, I will have hard time learning Swedish” will not be valid since all the immigrant who don’t speak English managed to get along with Swedish well.

So let’s get into the options and things your spouse can do while you study.

1. Swedish for Immigrant (SFI) Course

I always like the idea of learning new language. Not only it allows you to get more friends and conversations with the Swede, but you may also eavesdrop better in the train or bus. Just kidding! I mean, you open doors to more chance, like jobs, and read good information in posters that is usually written in Swedish.

This SFI course is free for everyone with personnummer (Swedish personal number, you get that if you staying in Sweden for more than one year). The course is quite time taking. Like 3-4 hours a day. You can find one that is nearby to your house.

2. Variety of jobs

The holder of personnummer can also work full-time 40 hours a week. Let it be in an office or in a restaurant or a coffee shop. Even easier for part-time jobs. Fira, wife of my friend Arif, work part-time in a small booth near her house in Kista. My wife look after children every Thursday while their parents go out on a date. Another friend Risan, whose wife is studying at Karolinska Institute, do remote programming work every day. I am sure there are many other jobs to mention.

There are even more if we are being creative. Fira also cooks and sell her cooking to students once in a while. Since cooking also her passion, I’d say that is a pretty good idea.

3. Take course in a university or college

student in library by cecilia_larsson_lantz

student in library by cecilia_larsson_lantz

If working is not for your spouse, then probably to study in a formal institute is good. Visa of a family member who are accompanying a student, plus a personnummer, can be used to study for free. The very same right owned by the Swede. However, since they can only register once they get personnummer, they will not be able to attend the same autumn semester like their student spouse. Auriza, whose wife was studying in Stockholm University two years ago, took short course Environmental Aspect of Built Environment in KTH. So both options of taking full program and few courses is available.

If formal study don’t suit them, there are lot of online course to attend. Coursera is one of the most famous online course site.

The study is not limited to academic study, there are also talent and interest study, for instance music course, painting, contemporary art, and so on.

4. Other activities

My wife Suci really keen on traveling Europe. That is one interesting thing to do. As people from other side of the world, we want to see many countries in Europe. Sweden itself have a lot of great place to see. Like, do you know that the oldest tree in the world happen to be in Sweden? It’s true. If I were the spouse and my wife is studying, I would plan to walk in every national park in Sweden.

hiking by fredrik_broman

hiking by fredrik_broman

Making friends is also nice thing to do. These days we have a lot of interest-based website, like or meet travelers via

If you are into events and exhibitions, we can also try that. In Stockholm at least once a week, there will be good event to attend. I always check out bulletin board in my campus and if there is any interesting event to attend, I share it with my wife. Workshops or tech events. Especially if those event are free and includes free lunch. (Smile)

making friends by lena_granefelt

making friends by lena_granefelt

So for the conclusion

You will not run out of things to do or to see. It is all up to us and to them. Of course it is also cool not to do anything and wait for our spouse to come home from campus with home-made cookies (or pizzas, it works for me). My advice, don’t think twice. Take them along. Like what they said, it takes two to tango.


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  • sumit sharma • 21 Sep 2017 at 9.00 am Reply

    Hi satu how are you??
    i want to purse masters in engineering in sweden can take my wife and my son with me during my studies.

    • Satu
      Satu • 21 Sep 2017 at 12.16 pm Reply

      Hi Sumit, Im good. I hope you are well too. Yes you can take your wife and son during your studies.

  • Dr.farjana • 18 Sep 2017 at 5.01 pm Reply

    Hi ,satu.thank u soo much for ur informative post.I’m planning to get admission for post graduation in sewden.I want to come with my 2 kid n my hasband.i have 2 que about it possible for my husband to get job without knowing Swedish language? their any social card system,without that we cant get house rent?some of my senior relatives steadied thier.n they inform me,it is quite impossible to get job thier without knowing Swedish language.thank you.

    • Satu
      Satu • 18 Sep 2017 at 7.18 pm Reply

      Hi Farjana, thank you for reading my post.

      1) It depends on what job we are talking about. If you mean simple job like restaurant, cleaning, yes it is possible. Office jobs like marketing or administration probably a bit difficult, but IT related jobs usually dont require Swedish (I study IT). But my suggestion would be to start learning, however slow it is. I think it will bring only good things, when you speak the language.

      2) Yes there are social security number system, they are called personnummer. It is like allmighty number and you would want this. but if you dont get this, there is another number that you can get, called coordination number. But to rent a house, i dont think you need any of them. if you are registered and have permit to stay, I think you can rent a house.

      Dont hesitate to ask again 🙂


  • Karamjit kaur • 15 Sep 2017 at 2.31 pm Reply

    Hlo sir , I want to study in sweaden with spouce but he is under matric . Is he accompany with me as a dependent . Please tell me

    • Satu
      Satu • 15 Sep 2017 at 3.26 pm Reply

      Hi sir. I dont know what “under matric” means. Please explain it to me.

  • Ijlal aqeel karimi • 15 Sep 2017 at 11.18 am Reply

    Assalam u alaikum
    Dear Bang satu hope with pray that u will be fit and fine there actually we (me and my wife ) planned for study visa and in this scenario one will study and other dependent will work but worried from new challenges …life…settlement and most important is job, which is a question mark for a student with family to meetup the required expenses there…
    Specially what i want to ask is regarding work permit leading to PR and nature of jobs can find easily with smart pay to fulfill daily needs.
    Keeping in view am 37 years old with qualification bsc computer science bachelor degree.

    • Satu
      Satu • 15 Sep 2017 at 1.59 pm Reply

      Waalaikumsalam. Dear Ijlal, thank you for your pray and hope you are fine as well. I did not get your question very well, so are you asking whether it is easy to get PR and work permit and jobs? I think, if one of you are studying, then you dont need work permit, because both student and the co-applicant can stay in Sweden with 1 student visa. What is the most challenging is to prove that you have the fund to stay for the whole study period. I forgot the exact amount, but it is around SEK7000 for the student and SEK3500 for the co-applicant, for one month.

      If you can pass that and get the visa. I think normal restaurant job will be able to fulfill the basic needs of you two (house, transport, food).

      If you plan to stay in Sweden after you graduate, you should search for jobs before you graduate. If you are lucky, you will get one that good enough and can give you work permit. 1 work permit can allow two of you to stay in Sweden.

  • Ea • 12 Sep 2017 at 6.38 pm Reply

    If my husband is going to europe for his mba. Can i accomany him on a dependent visa?

    • Satu
      Satu • 14 Sep 2017 at 1.08 pm Reply

      Yes, you surely can 🙂

  • Kanwaljeet singh • 7 Sep 2017 at 2.28 pm Reply

    Hey satu,how r u?
    M thinking to apply my wife’s study visa tonsweden but not sure abt permanent residence aftr study or work visa aftr how much is this difficult to get?both work permit nd permanent residence?

    • Satu
      Satu • 7 Sep 2017 at 8.44 pm Reply

      Hi Kanwaljeet, Im good and healthy. Hope you are as well. I cant say on how difficult it is to get those two. I think IT jobs are easier than other field. Plus, it doesnt require Swedish as, let say, public relation job. As for permanent residence, I really dont have any clue, dont have any friends that apply and got the PR. /Satu

  • Aisha • 30 Aug 2017 at 6.29 pm Reply

    Hello Satu, thanks for the detailed information you shared. I intend to apply for my PhD next year, but I am a single mum with two kids (age 7 and 8) . Do you think it is wise to bring the kids along. How about their school, is it expensive?

    • Satu
      Satu • 30 Aug 2017 at 8.00 pm Reply

      Hi Aisha, thank you for reading my post. Yes I think its good to bring them along. Elementary education in Sweden is one of the best in the world. I am not sure about it, but I have heard that the grade school (after kindergarten- up to 6 years old) is free of charge. So, you should definitely do it.


  • Manish kc • 20 Aug 2017 at 2.43 pm Reply

    Hi, Satu My wife is going to apply for student visa for Master digree and I am also applying for dependent. Our agent says that we both can go together in Sweden. It has been almost 2years since we get married. Is it possible for me to go with my wife in dependent visa. Please let me know about it it will be great things for me

    • Satu
      Satu • 22 Aug 2017 at 8.30 pm Reply

      Hi Manish. Yes it is very possible. In the student visa application form, there will be 1 (or 2) pages dedicated to mention about if the student will bring co-applicant (spouse).

    • femin • 27 Aug 2017 at 7.29 am Reply

      Hello manish,
      please u can suggest your agent name for me i am from india (kerala),i have also interested

  • AK • 18 Aug 2017 at 4.58 pm Reply

    Hi Satu. my wife likes to do masters degree in sweden and we are going to take dependent visa,futherly I need to clarify that there is any possible of getting job for my wife after completion of course,whether through campus or off campus are else we need to get back to India after completion of course or we have any chance of extending our visa and search job there.More importantly I need to know that there is any possible for me to get job and work during that Kindly clarify my above doubts and do the needful

    • Satu
      Satu • 20 Aug 2017 at 12.05 am Reply

      Hi AK, like I already mentioned in your message on facebook, it is possible to get job while or after studying. for you and also for your wife.

  • Anand RS • 14 Aug 2017 at 1.31 pm Reply

    Hi Satu.. I want to come Sweden for study with my wife.I am in India now. I am completed my degree. What is the formality for applying visa. How much IELTS Score required for applying for visa. How much coast will come approximate.

  • Kosa • 9 Aug 2017 at 8.33 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,

    thanks for your post and replying for comments. Me and my wife got Visa and I’m coming as a co-applicant. Can you please let me know how hard to find a job in Stockholm? at least an odd job? nd can you please share some tips to search for a job? and please share some tips to find apartments in Stockholm for a couple as only my wife will be coming there as she got accommodation from the university and have to search for an apartment when she is there after inspection.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Satu
      Satu • 10 Aug 2017 at 8.10 am Reply

      Hi Kosa! Thanks for reading this blog. In my experience, getting a job is not that difficult. Waitress or cleaning job, usually people went to a restaurant and ask the manager or the waiter about this. For office job, its a bit more tricky. If she got accommodation from the university and its 15m wide or more, i suggest you stay in there while searching for another apartment. Its hard enough to find apartment, dont just let go something you just got. If you browse in facebook group of students, like Lappis market, or Lappis, you will find people posting about housing.


  • Ajie • 6 Aug 2017 at 3.15 am Reply

    Assalamu alaikum Satu, I’m Ajie from Indonesia. your experinced have motivated me. I have plan to take master degree in Stockholm In 2018 And I would also bring my family along with me. Therefore i need to apply a scholarship that can cover my tuition fee, my living cost and my family but so far i cannot find the scholarship that cover all those things.

    Appreciate if you have the scholarship (including how to apply) that i am looking for

    • Satu
      Satu • 6 Aug 2017 at 10.53 am Reply

      Walaikumsalam. Thank you for reading my post, Ajie! Sadly, I dont know any scholarship that fit your requirement. Two best scholarship I know are Swedish Institute and LPDP. SI did not have family allowance (but they do cover spouse’s insurance). and LPDP removes family allowance since this year.


  • Oyuntugs • 3 Aug 2017 at 4.39 am Reply

    Hello Satu. This article and the your replies to the comments really helped me and my husband. Thank you very much! I have two questions.
    Fristly, we recently had our permit cards, which both has permits for 13 months. My university will start 21 August, and I will come to Sweden earlier than this. But my husband is going to come in the late september due to his work. So i am wondering can he still get personnumber? (You know, he will come in the end of september, but the permit ends in 1st of sep,2018, which makes him staying less than a year).
    Secondly, it seems hard to find an apartment. We are looking for an apartment by checking everyday, but no progress. Could you please suggest us other ways to find apartment.
    Thank you again.

    • Satu
      Satu • 4 Aug 2017 at 12.40 pm Reply

      Hi Oyuntugs! Thank you for reading my post.
      1) What counted is the date on the permits, not the actual arriving day. so I believe you are safe and able to get personummer
      2) check out facebook student group of Stockholm. sometimes people post house ads too. Be informed that there are scammers in Stockholm. If they tell you to pay before you arrive, thats the first sign of the scammers. It would be good if you have someone to check the house, someone live in stockholm. I can do that for you too, if you want.


  • Alish rasailee • 2 Aug 2017 at 3.42 am Reply

    i want to apply for sweden with my wife.i have completed my +2and bachelor is running its my last year but i want to go abroad with my wife.Is it possible to move on sweden with my wife or not???

    • Satu
      Satu • 2 Aug 2017 at 10.10 am Reply

      yes it is possible 🙂

  • MAIWAND • 24 Jul 2017 at 9.48 am Reply

    Hi my name is Maiwand from Afghanistan I have completed my bachelor degree here in my country in Afghanistan in civil engineering and my wife was completed his master degree in American university of Afghanistan (AUAF) now I have plan to do my master degree and if possible my wife should do PHD or at least work there with me actually I don not know how to apply and from where I should start kindly confirm are embassy will offer visa for Afghani student or no, once again thank you very much from your helpful instructions.

    • Satu
      Satu • 24 Jul 2017 at 11.10 am Reply

      Hi Maiwand. You should check out this two sites as a starter.
      1) , for steps to apply for study
      2) , for the steps to apply for visa

      in there, you will find answer to these kind of questions.
      a) what documents do i need to apply for university and visa?
      b) when is the opening date for university application?
      c) when i will get notification result of my applications?

      so do that. if you still lost, you can list down questions for me and i will try to answer them. Good luck!


  • Dew • 21 Jul 2017 at 8.09 am Reply

    He there , interesting informative blog post!!
    Im currently living in UAE, i want to do a one year cooking course in Europe and then work and settle there can i do that ??!!
    do you know if it is possible to apply for a student visa along with my husband and two years old son and can my husband who is a senior inspector engineer work there and how can we do so?!!!
    If in case i cant do the cooking course can my husband apply for a master dgree cand is it possible if we come along with him right away?
    Please answer me Thank u very much and appreciate ur help

    • Satu
      Satu • 21 Jul 2017 at 9.30 am Reply

      Thank you for reading our blog. Yes you can apply to study and to settle here after the study, people done that before. There are cases where people’s application got rejected too. So, it is up to the immigration board to decide. Check out with their site

      Yes it is possible to apply student visa together with co-applicant visa (spouse and kids). Again, check out migration board’s website. The usual procedure is to apply online, attach all the necessary document (proof that you are accepted to swedish university, and proof of fund for yourself and your family)

      Also yes, if your husband is applying, it can work the other way (you as co-applicant)

  • saiqa amir • 18 Jul 2017 at 4.46 pm Reply

    aslam o alikum .. am saiqa from pakistan .. i want to apply fo study visa along with ma husnband n daughter who is of 2 years .. i simply dnt jave any idea abt the procedure n from where to get the forms n evathing … plz i neef ur help in this regard …. waiting for ur reply

  • Merin • 27 Jun 2017 at 6.58 am Reply

    Hi Satu, sorry once again. i got an email from swedish migration Board to make an appointmen for inerviewt to the embassy at new delhi, india as we are from nepal & we dont have embassy of sweden here but it has not given any information regarding me as my wife & we both applied online. Is that interview for Visa or for residence card & do we need to travel embassy for 2 times for interview & for card, do we need to make 2 appointment for my wife as main applicant & for me as her spouse to accompany her. It will be great help plzzzzzz suggest

    • Satu
      Satu • 30 Jun 2017 at 9.39 pm Reply

      Hi Merin, sorry for the late reply. I did replied your question in your email, right? I will repeat it here so people can read it too.

      So basically yes, we need to visit the embassy twice. First is for biometric (fingerprint and photo taken), second is to take the card is ready. But in your case, the embassy is far and traveling is costy, I once heard about a friend getting their resident permit card sent to their address due to the same case like you. If you can call the embassy and confirm this, it will be good. I have not experienced this since I live in the same city (Jakarta) as the embassy.


      • Mohamed • 16 Jul 2017 at 3.32 pm Reply

        Assalaamu Alaikum WW.!


        I’m Mohamed from sri Lanka. I’m planing to apply for student visa for my wife. We have a 10 months old son Alhandhulillah.

        I have few concern before process.

        1) Can we all together apply for visa?
        2) As dependant can i work full time in Sweden?
        3) Jobs are hard unless we know Swedish language?

        Jazakallah Al Khairan!

        • Satu
          Satu • 16 Jul 2017 at 7.55 pm Reply


          Hi Mohamed, thank you for reading my post and our blog.

          1) Yes you can apply together or separate. To apply together, your wife will have one part of the application (in her application as student), where she will fill in information about families. then the three of you will get three application number (one each). Usually the decision take 1-2 months, and usually you get the decision together as well.

          2) Yes you can work full time.

          3) It is not that hard. If you dont mind jobs like cleaning (or similar, that we dont need to speak to people), it is quite easy to get.

          Do not hesitate to ask again 🙂


  • Ram • 20 Jun 2017 at 10.18 pm Reply

    Hi Satu, very helpful information around here!!
    My wife (British national) and I (none-EU national) are planning to come to Sweden so my wife can pursue her master studies. Do I need to apply for a visa? Can we move to Sweden together, do I get a working permit instantly? Appreciate your advice. thank you in advance

  • Gaganmeet Singh • 18 Jun 2017 at 8.55 pm Reply


    Thank you for the vital info. I would be obliged if you can take some time out for my query. My wife is coming this year for one year master program and I would be joining her as a dependent. Am I entitled to get a personummer , as without it I won’t be able to apply for any jobs in Sweden. I and my wife are Indians by nationality but we have long term residence permit in Estonia , an Eastern European country.

    • Satu
      Satu • 19 Jun 2017 at 1.24 am Reply

      Hi there. Thanks for coming by to our blog. I am not sure about the Estonian residence permit, but for EU student, you dont need to pay tuition fee and dont need visa to enter, does this case apply to you as well? if not, then that Estonian RP did not take into account and you are using non-EU procedure. That is, sadly, not entitled for personnummer (even your wife will not get one), as you will come in August and the study ended in June, making the permit is less than a year. From experience of my friend and mine, even if you try to apply visa for one year (or more), the immigration office will only grant you until June.

      But thats from my experience. It may be good idea to double check to the immigration office.

    • Satu
      Satu • 22 Jun 2017 at 3.01 pm Reply

      I have one more thing to add. Even without a personnummer, you can work. By applying for coordination number.

  • Merin • 17 Jun 2017 at 7.00 pm Reply

    Hi Satu, thanks for such a informative blog. My wife got a admission on university of Gothenburg, The Sahlgrenska academy on Master in Global health for 2 years. Now we are planning to apply together as we already paid our 1st installment fee & university also mail us our payment receipt, But i am confuse about below questions:-
    1. My wife got medical insurance by university & now do i need to do medical insurance for me?
    2. As she didn’t got any scholarship her fee per sem is SEK 68350 wid total fee of SEK 273400 ( we already pay our 1st installment of fee) now how much bank balance do i need to show as we get a residence permit for 1 year or 13 month, will it be enough to show 1 year expenses + 1 year fees or we need to show 2 years fees+ 2 years living expenses…
    3.As we are in our home country we cannot show any proof of housing right now as we contacted online agencies for renting they used to reply as we need a visa to book a room. will there be any problem on visa???
    your answer will be highly appreciable & helpful for me thank you in advance

    • Satu
      Satu • 18 Jun 2017 at 9.07 am Reply

      Hi Merin, Thank you for reading my post! Let me try to answer.
      1) You dont need medical insurance as you will be entitled to have a personnummer (because you are studying for more than 1 year). My wife did not need one when she applied.
      2) I believe you will need to show 2 years of proof. But if you can double check to them, that would be more accurate. Check this page out too, it is for extending a permit, but it has calculation of the money you need to show.

      3) If you are married, it is enough to show them your marriage certificate, if it is not in English, you can translate it first before submitting them.


      • Merin • 19 Jun 2017 at 2.14 pm Reply

        thank you for your reply,, My consultancy agent told me that we needto show 2 years of living expenses for both of us as in the site u mentioned but he told us that we dont need to show remaining 1.5 years tution fees amount, is that correct brother? thank you in advance again.. thanks alot

        • Satu
          Satu • 19 Jun 2017 at 7.05 pm Reply

          Yes that is correct. Good luck!

  • Akhil • 14 Jun 2017 at 5.09 am Reply

    Hi Satu,
    I would like to know how the Sweden Immigration department calculates the conversation rate. Does it the present conversation rete what we see on Google or do they have separate standard.

    I have submitted my bank statement by taking the conversation rate my Google. But on some website I found a different one. Please suggest.

    • Satu
      Satu • 14 Jun 2017 at 2.58 pm Reply

      Hi Akhil. Unfortunately I do not know what conversion rate they are using. I think currency in the bank, money exchange, etc, is always different than Google. (Google is always lower). So maybe you can assume something higher than Google conversion rate.


  • Akhil • 8 Jun 2017 at 8.13 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,
    I will be applying Student Residence permit online. I will be submitting the bank statement as a proof of living cost and tuition fee.
    My question is weather the online downloaded statement is sufficient or do we need to take the statement from bank with bank stamp.


    • Satu
      Satu • 8 Jun 2017 at 9.56 pm Reply

      Hi Akhil,

      Thank you for reading my post. Unfortunately, I dont know the answer to your question nor do I want to assume. If I remember correctly, 2 years ago, we (me and my wife) use the copy with the stamp from the bank. If its possible to get the stamp, I would go for that, to be safe.


      • haroon • 10 Jun 2017 at 12.42 pm Reply

        Hi satu,
        I have few questions, right now I am working in bahrain and im married have one kid. I want to move from here and the option I can see is student visa is better since its not easy to get employment visa from here. so please advise whats the best option I can avail? because I want to move along with my basic concern is how can I get my family with me? does she need to get student visa or I can get her there on basis of my student visa. please clarify me if its possible. will be appreciated. drop me an email if its easy for u. thanks

        • Satu
          Satu • 10 Jun 2017 at 3.51 pm Reply

          Hi Haroon, If you are accepted in a university, you can apply for student visa and your family can be your co-applicant. Meaning your wife and one kid did not need to have other purpose (job or study) to live in Sweden. As their purpose is to live with you as your family.

  • Sana • 4 Jun 2017 at 4.21 am Reply

    Hi satu….helpful reading ur post…im from pakistan…admitted in linkoping university….i need to ask u two questions….can i bring my 2 year old boy with me…? And how will i manage to attend my classes while living in malmo….is there any nearest uni campus???? Help plz

    • Satu
      Satu • 4 Jun 2017 at 3.48 pm Reply

      Hi Sana. Thank you for reading my post. Yes you can bring your kid with you. As for living in Malmo and having university in Linkoping, I dont think that’s do-able. I think its better to live in the same city (Linkoping).

    • saiqa amir • 18 Jul 2017 at 4.51 pm Reply

      aoa sana i want to knw the details to apply in the uni in sweeden plz help me .. i want to do my phd in zoology ..

      • Satu
        Satu • 18 Jul 2017 at 8.08 pm Reply

        Walaikumsalam. We got you. We have one site for everything, it is called , go to that site and you can read about the steps, what documents you need, you can even search for universities that have zoology. Try it first, and if you have any questions about it, you can ask me again 🙂


  • Akhil • 3 Jun 2017 at 5.01 am Reply

    Hi Satu,
    I got admission to Bth university for 2 years masters program. I got 50% scollorship. I have 2 questions.
    1. Do i need to submit Indian bank statement amount in INR for supporting money (lving expense 3000 sek + 50% tution fee).
    2. I would like to bring my spouse and 1 year kid. But We can’t support showing bank statement to all of us. So can I apply residence permit to my family after 6 months from sweden.

    Thanks In advance!!!

    • Satu
      Satu • 3 Jun 2017 at 11.37 am Reply

      Hi Akhil,
      Congratulations for the admission and 50% scholarship!
      1) Yes, everyone need to tell the immigration that they can afford for the stay. In my case, I show them letter of scholarship because it covers tuition fee and my living cost. But since my wife is not covered by that, I need to show proof for my wife’s application. The immigration have minimum amount of living cost per month that you have to proof, so check with them for the number.

      2) Yes you can apply resident permit at the same time or after your application. the disadvantage though, will be the chance that they will not able to get personnummer (therefore general health insurance, free education, is also not entitled). Here is one sample, I apply for my student visa in June. I applied for 24 August 2015 to 30 July 2017. They grant me 24 August 2015 until 30 Sept 2016, as they always give 1 year-ish and want you to apply extension every 1 year. I arrive in Sweden 24 August. Then my wive apply in August, the wanted date is from 1 September 2015 to 30 September 2016 and she got the same date granted. Giving our both permit more than 1 year (1 year plus 30 days or so), therefore we are entitled for personnummer.

      But if she apply in December (6 months after I arrive), She probably will only get 8-9 months visa (December 2015 to September 2016) therefore cannot get a personnummer. I will stop there and will not confuse you more hahaha. I hope you understand what I mean. Dont be hesitate to ask me again 🙂

  • Tania • 18 May 2017 at 8.03 pm Reply

    Hello Satu! Hope you are fine. Can you please tell me is there are any separate form for co-applicant on online visa application for Sweden?I only found student online visa application form on clarify me on this topic.

    • Satu
      Satu • 22 May 2017 at 10.14 am Reply

      Hi Tania. As far as I know, the co-applicant form is in bound with the student form. you will have one special page to write your co-applicant information.

    • Tania • 17 Jul 2017 at 7.21 pm Reply

      Dear Satu, hope you are fine.I have a question regarding housing for family.I will come along with my husband ,I need a house or a studio flat in uppsala because I have got admitted in Uppsala university but how can I find housing for us and what will be the cost and is it possible to rent a house from my country ?Can you please suggest me some links or any valuable information ?

      • Satu
        Satu • 18 Jul 2017 at 10.55 am Reply

        Hi Tania. Hope you are fine as well. Congratulations on getting admitted in Uppsala University! is one site that advertise most things, so you can start from there. There might be a registration fee to contact the seller, but to just look around, it is free. Facebook students group advertise these room or house too sometimes. Check out for Uppsala Loppis, or Uppsala Student Network (or similar keyword in Facebook search). If you cant get any group yet, tell me and I can ask my friend in Uppsala if they know any group that ads rooms.


        • Tania • 24 Jul 2017 at 8.00 pm Reply

          Thank you Satu for your valuable information. Satu,what about the weather in Uppsala?Is it windy weather with too much cold in winter?Can you please give me some idea about the weather temperature in Sweden from your own experience?

          • Satu
            Satu • 2 Aug 2017 at 10.09 am

            Coming from tropical country, at first I feel that the temperature is too cold for me (autumn, winter, spring), however my body get used to it and now i really like the weather however it is. like if its cold, i would miss the sun (missing is a good thing). when the sun comes out, i would be happier and enjoy while it last. despite the temperature, the sky mostly looks great (except november, the cloudiest gloomiest month). blue sky 4-5 days a week, i would say. if it rains, it wont rain so much that you can just walk on it without umbrella.

  • Sineka J • 18 May 2017 at 12.43 pm Reply

    Hi Satu. Thanks for posting such valuable article. I have been selected to follow a 3-year bachelor degree in University of Malmo, Now I’m at the middle of the visa process and I have few unclear points when I prepare my documents as I am planning to come with my husband. I think you can help me to clarify these with your excellent knowledge.
    1. Do I need to show maintenance for all 3 year (36 month) or is it enough to show only for 13 month as mention in the migrationsverket site?
    2. Do I need to renew my visa in every year or do I get the visa for all 3 years?
    3. Does my husband need a work permit to work full time or can he work with the resident permit?
    Thank you

    • Satu
      Satu • 22 May 2017 at 10.18 am Reply

      Hi Sineka, thank you for reading my post. I will try to answer your question.
      1) I think you need to show all 3 years. I did that for my wife visa when she comes.
      2) In me and my friends case (all master student), we only get visa for 1 year and have to renew every year. I hope you in bachelor can get better, 3 years in one go.
      3) He can work with the resident permit. Be it hard jobs like in restaurant or an office jobs.

  • Alexandra • 6 May 2017 at 10.58 am Reply

    Hi Satu!

    First of all, thanks for such a great post. I got a scholarship to study at Gothenburg University, having a little daughter and a husband too, I’m Ukrainian and my husband is from India. Apart from residence permit application peculiarities, I read that the toughest job is to find a flat for rent in Sweden. Could you share your experience in finding a flat, maybe you have some friends who could help us in finding one? Ideally, I want to take my daughter and husband to Sweden from start, but after reading stories about unsuccessful searching for 2-3 months, I’m getting cold feet 😐 Thank you! You can reply here or message me on email ID.

    • Satu
      Satu • 6 May 2017 at 12.16 pm Reply

      Hi Alexandra, Thank you for reading my post, and congratulation for the scholarship! I would say getting an apartment is easier than getting a scholarship, so warm your feet! 🙂 I dont have similar situation as my university help me with accommodation. But in our team, we have 3 students studying and living in Gothenburg, you can try contacting them. They are Anita, Andres and Francesco. We can start from there, if they are busy, I can ask other friend that live in Gothenburg. How bout that?

    • Uvbi • 11 May 2017 at 5.21 am Reply

      I too will be studying at university of Gothenburg and will also like to apply along side my husband and 2 kids …I was wondering if you meant it was not safe applying with them for fear of getting rejected ?

  • ejaz • 23 Apr 2017 at 3.15 pm Reply

    hi satu. how are u bro.
    i want to ask you about business visa while you study in Sweden. i got admission in lnu uni in vaxjo. i finished my master degree from uk. i m going to do my second master from sweden. just want to ask you… is it possible for student or spouse convert his/her visa in business visa or enterepreneur visa during the study time or after study.
    second question is what language used in vaxjo and kalmar town . somebody told me its difficult to find english speaking people in those small town
    can you please explain a bit about kalmar , is it good place for study and living .

    thank you.

    • Satu
      Satu • 25 Apr 2017 at 9.40 am Reply

      Hi Ejaz, im good. thank you for asking. Yes it is possible for student to get working visa when you get a job in here. The company will tell you the steps.

      I have not been to Kalmar, but from what I heard, it is like other small city in Sweden, where everyone speak English as well. Probably just few older people who could not speak English. We have a student from Kalmar here in our team, but he is with the Chinese team. His name is Arefujiang. If you want, I can direct you to him. So you can ask more detail things about living in Kalmar.


  • Prithivi • 19 Apr 2017 at 9.35 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,

    Thank you for the post and prompt replies. I am doing my PhD in Sweden and how long is the visa processing time to bring my wife to Sweden on a dependent visa.


    • Satu
      Satu • 21 Apr 2017 at 9.19 am Reply

      Hi Prithivi, Thank you for reading the post. The visa can take up to 3 months depending on their queue.

  • M • 13 Apr 2017 at 8.21 pm Reply

    Hi Satu, thank you for the valuable informations.
    I need to know the following:
    -what is the cost and how long does it take to get spouse (wife) visa for a student if we want to come together from the beginning?
    – what kind of documents do we need for applying for
    a student’s wife visa?
    – where to search for accommodation? At which cost?
    – when can student’s wife apply for studing ? As long as I understand from your post it’s totally free.
    – if she must study at the same university or she can study in other university?
    Any other helpful information.

    • Satu
      Satu • 14 Apr 2017 at 8.52 am Reply

      Hi Mawada, thank you for reading my post.

      1. the cost is SEK1000 for each person applying visa. it took about 3 months.
      2. letter of acceptance from campus, fund proof to show them you can pay for yourself (and your family) is the most important. the amount of money needed in your bank and for other document requirements, check out
      3. sites like or facebook do have accomodation information, you can start dig in there. studio of 25m range from SEK4000-8000
      4. she can apply when she got personnummer, so first she need to get the visa, arrive in sweden, apply for personnummer, get one, then she can apply.
      5. the university doesnt matter same or different.


  • sanaya • 12 Apr 2017 at 6.49 pm Reply

    Hi,I am sanaya.I got admission as well as SI scholarship. I want to come with husband.During two yrs course can I try for baby?Bcz already I had miscarriage. so its necessary to try for this hamper my course or my scholarship

    • Satu
      Satu • 13 Apr 2017 at 3.11 pm Reply

      Hi Sanaya. Congratulations on getting SI Scholarship! Yes you can try for the baby. I think it is even better, since the maternity fee is very low (if not free) in Sweden. I dont think it will effect your scholarship, but I think you have to make sure your study stay in good result or something.


  • Roma • 10 Apr 2017 at 8.04 am Reply

    Hi, Satu. I will be coming to Sweden on Study visa along with my 6 years child, I have a question that is, his schooling is free or not and what is the school timing there?

    • Satu
      Satu • 10 Apr 2017 at 2.22 pm Reply

      Hi Roma, I already answer you in the email. Thanks.

  • Shampa • 8 Apr 2017 at 8.20 pm Reply

    Hello Satu. Great post. Point number 3 clarified some of my issues. I got the SI scholarship for studying Sustainable Development at Uppsala University. My husband also got admission to Lund University. However, we cannot afford the tuition fees for him. He also got admission at two top schools in Norway. He is planning to go there. Now here is the importance of your post to us. We see no point of us staying separately at Lund and Uppsala. He had also applied to Uppsala, but as priority 2. Is there any chance that Uppsala would consider admitting him? If so, can he start for FREE this autumn?

    • Satu
      Satu • 8 Apr 2017 at 8.31 pm Reply

      Hi Shampa, thank you for reading my post. Congratulations for both of you! I am not 100% sure, but I think university will treat everyone equally regardless of their status, so in this case, it will not increase his chance of getting accepted. Also, I don’t think he start studying for free next autumn as the deadline for paying the tuition is June, and by June he will not have personnummer (that give access for free study).


  • Daman • 27 Mar 2017 at 8.42 pm Reply

    Hi Satu. I am from India and will be coming to sweden on work permit this year. I want to work for year and the later enroll for Masters in some good university in Sweden. My question is that since i will work in sweden for 1 year and then would leave my job to pursue masters in sweden will i be charged any tution fees?

    I see on university website “Applicants with a Swedish temporary or permanent resident permit granted for reasons other than studies do not have to pay fees.

    • Satu
      Satu • 27 Mar 2017 at 10.49 pm Reply

      Hi Daman.
      Yes, I think you will be charged for the tuition. Because by the time you study, you will not pay the tax. the facility of not having to pay the fee apply for those who pay taxes, or tuition fee, or EU citizen. This is what I know, you can cross check it to migrationsverket (the migration office)


      • Tania • 1 Apr 2017 at 7.18 pm Reply

        Dear Satu,I am from Bangladesh have got a offered place for masters programme in Uppsala university.Please tell me can I bring my husband with me during study in sweden at the same time?Some people said me that if anyone’s spouse apply at the same time with student immigration may refuse as the student and spouse apply at the same time.Please can you tell me is it correct?

        • Satu
          Satu • 2 Apr 2017 at 11.38 am Reply

          Hi Tania,

          Congratulations on getting accepted in Uppsala University! Unfortunately I cannot answer that question. Since my wife come a month after I arrived. However, there are friends who apply at the same time with the spouse and both of them arrive at the same time too. Meaning, it is still working. I think it is good to just try to apply. The worst case will be, you get the visa (because you are a student) while your husband will wait a bit.


          • Tania • 3 Apr 2017 at 11.45 am

            Thank you Satu for your reply.Please tell me how much money I have to keep for my own and my spouse?My one semester tuition fee is 7,2500 SEK and total tuition fee is 290,000 SEK.I am confused that I have to show only my 1year tuition fees and living expenses or not?Is one one year tuition fee and living expenses of mine and my living expenses of my spouse fullfill the immigration requirements ?Please clarify me.

          • Satu
            Satu • 3 Apr 2017 at 11.23 pm

            Hi Tania,

            Actually if the migrationsverket told you to show only 1 year tuition fee, then it should be valid, since they are the one giving visa to students. I forgot the exact requirements, but when I apply, I show them letter of scholarship (24 months of living cost + 2 years of tuition fee), so i guess that covers everything in Sweden that I would need. My wife not covered by scholarship so I have to show them enough money in my bank for her living in Sweden for 2 years (living cost).

            I think its better to ask them directly, in your case.


          • Tania • 4 Apr 2017 at 5.00 pm

            Thank you Satu for your valuable information. What kind of jobs are available for the students and how is the job situation in Sweden now a days?Please share your experience on this topic.

          • Satu
            Satu • 4 Apr 2017 at 6.16 pm

            I actually don’t know much about jobs since I only do blogging. Few friends do part-time in restaurant. Smaller portion though. Most of my friend don’t work and just study. Jobs are difficult, they say. and Swedish language helps a lot to get one.


          • Tania • 28 Apr 2017 at 7.27 pm

            Hello Satu! Hope you are fine.Please let me know about health insurance certificate. My university will arrange my health insurance. But my spouse will accompany with me in Sweden.So how can arrange his health insurance?Is it possible to arrange his health insurance after going Sweden or mandatory to arrange it before applying residence permit?

          • Satu
            Satu • 29 Apr 2017 at 7.40 pm

            Hi Tania, Hope you are fine too. I dont quite remember since its been 2 years ago, but I think we dont submit any insurance document for my wife’s visa. Maybe because we are staying for 2 years, therefore we will be covered by Swedish healthcare. (when you stay more than 2 years, you get personnummer. When you get that, you automatically entitled for the Swedish healthcare).


          • Tania • 15 May 2017 at 9.02 pm

            Hi Satu!Hope you are fine.I have paid my first installment of tuition fees.Now it’s time to apply for residence permit. But I am confused about checklist for student visa.I went through the website but not clear. Because in that website I did not find anything about my educational certificate. I want to know from you when you applied for student visa can you tell me,did you submit your all educational certificate photocopies certified by educational ministry of your home country? Can you send me the checklist for what documents I have to submit for student visa?

          • Satu
            Satu • 22 May 2017 at 2.46 pm

            Hi Tania, I did not submit my bachelor transcript, but only the letter of acceptance of the university in Sweden. I think that should be enough for the educational documents. I forgot what are the documents I submitted for the visa, but I think:
            – LoA
            – Passport
            – Scholarship letter (or financial proof to show them you will manage to live in Sweden)
            – House document (proof that I have place to stay). I forgot if this is necessary, but I dont think so.
            or something like that.

  • Ernita Dewi • 26 Mar 2017 at 7.38 pm Reply

    Hai Satu, thanks for sharing. I’m Ernita, my husband has been accepted in KTH and will be started by the end of August, currently we’re looking for the accommodation, do you have any preferences for the accommodation that suitable for family, we have a daughter 9mo, hehehe, also could you please sharing for the average expense for a month? Thank you so much 🙂

    • Satu
      Satu • 27 Mar 2017 at 2.02 pm Reply

      Hi Ernita, Thanks for reading my post and our blog. Personally, I would choose a studio (room with kitchen and bathroom) with minimum of 25m for a family. The range can be from SEK5000-9000. Be informed of the scammers for housing. Never pay up front before you get the keys. If you have a friend in Stockholm, ask them to check the house you like to confirm that its not a scam. /Satu

  • Wendy • 19 Mar 2017 at 8.26 am Reply

    Hi Satu,

    Thanks very much indeed for the insight. Please i would like to know if Swedish universities are free for international students and if not what is the average cost. Also I am married with a 4 months old baby. Is it possible to travel with my husband and baby at the same time? And how much is required for the application to go through.

    • Satu
      Satu • 19 Mar 2017 at 12.55 pm Reply

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for reading my blog. if you are from EU, then it is free. but if we are from outside, then we have to pay tuition fee. not very cheap, my campus tuition fee costs SEK72500 per semester. Yes it is possible to move here together if you fulfill the requirement. you can read more about it in

  • Cliff • 13 Mar 2017 at 12.35 am Reply

    hello Sadtu,
    thank you for your post. I intend to do my phd program in general education or Tesol. Kindly mail me some recommendations to begin my application process with.
    Thank you.

    • Satu
      Satu • 13 Mar 2017 at 10.57 am Reply

      Hi Cliff,
      Thank you for reading my post.

      This place have important info including when the application period opens, and basic requirement.

  • Ron Azinga • 12 Mar 2017 at 3.16 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,

    Thanks for this very informative blogpost. My question is, how long does it take between applying to study in Sweden and getting a confirmation of the same? What are the scholarship options available? Can you give me some options to apply from? You have been most helpful and generous with your answers so far!

  • Dhruv • 9 Mar 2017 at 5.35 pm Reply

    hiiii satu..
    i m Dhruv. i m from india..
    i want to study in sweden …
    nd I’m married.. so can i bring my wife with me???

    • Satu
      Satu • 9 Mar 2017 at 5.50 pm Reply

      Yes you can 🙂

  • Hamza Dahmoun • 8 Mar 2017 at 4.49 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,
    Thank you for this post, and thank you also for your answers to the comments .. It’s very helpful.
    I have a request if you don’t mind:
    My name is Hamza Dahmoun, from Algeria, almost 30 years old, married and have a one-year-old girl, my wife is a housewife … I got my Master degree in 2010 in Software Developping field .. I started working in a diffrent field (Supply Chain) in 2011, I worked in this field for 5 years ….
    By June 2016, I found a good job here in Algeria in my field as a Software Developer using C# (official job title is: Computer Science Engineer) … I am now enjoying it 🙂 and strongly want to extend expand my knowledge in software development field … so:
    Do you think a master degree in the same field in a Sweden would be suitable?
    How much does a master degree in computer science cost?
    What would you do if you were in my place?
    … Thanks in advance for your advice

    • Satu
      Satu • 8 Mar 2017 at 6.38 pm Reply

      Hi Hamza, Thank you for reading this post. You send me same message in my email and I have replied it. Please have a look and ask me again if you still unclear about anything 🙂

      • Dhruv • 9 Mar 2017 at 5.31 pm Reply

        hiii satu..
        i m from india nd i want to study mastets in sweden…
        i m married…
        can i bring my wife with me…. ????

  • Bianca Vollmer • 2 Mar 2017 at 5.27 pm Reply

    Hi, Satu. Thank you for the post. My husband is applying for a two years Msc. in Sweden. Unfortunatly, we don’t have money enough for both apply. I would like to know if I could work full time during these 2 years. What kind of visa I will have?

    • Satu
      Satu • 2 Mar 2017 at 8.21 pm Reply

      Hi Bianca,

      Thank you for reading the post. Visa is the first thing you need when you enter the country. So if you have not get the visa to get in but you got a job, then you will be granted working visa (the company will deal with it for you. but as a note, its really difficult to get job without being in the country). if you are coming with your husband with your co-applicant visa, when you get a job, then you will not be given any visa because you already have one to remain in the country.


  • yogesh • 27 Feb 2017 at 1.55 pm Reply

    hi satu, will you tell me indian nursing student have good option there for study and job and as a spouse can I also come with her at same time, and doing full time job also?
    Is it possible without knowing swedish language, we get job there

    • Satu
      Satu • 27 Feb 2017 at 2.08 pm Reply

      Hi Yogesh, I dont know anything about nursing student as im from computer science, a very different field. If your spouse is studying full time, you will have chance to study too but the year after you get the personummer (the first time when you apply for visa with her, you will not get personummer, you will only apply it once you arrived in Sweden). getting a job without knowing swedish language is possible but lower the chance. but still possible.

  • Jobaer Ahamed • 25 Feb 2017 at 12.37 pm Reply

    Hi Sato,
    My name is Jobaer Ahamed and I am from Bangladesh. I got admitted in a Swedish University and my visa interview will be around May.
    Now the fact is I have all the documents ready for me and ready to face interview. But I really want to bring my girlfriend with me. I will be studying Software Development for Bachelor Degree.
    So what should I do now to bring my Girlfriend with me? Should we get married now and tell embassy that I am married and want to bring my wife with me? Or just arrive at Sweden, then apply for her as my wife. I really want to bring her with me when I leave for Sweden.
    If you could give me any suggestions, I will be really glad.
    Jobaer Ahamed.

    • Satu
      Satu • 26 Feb 2017 at 11.41 am Reply

      Hi Jobaer.

      If your country legalized spouse like in Sweden and they can certify you as a couple, you can use that when you apply visa for your girlfriend. Or other proof that you live together (for example identity card with same address). if you dont have that, then you need a marriage certificate.


  • Chetna • 18 Feb 2017 at 9.59 am Reply

    Hi Satu.
    Thank you so much for this post. This is very informative and useful information which you have shared with all of you.
    My name is Chetna and I am from India.
    I have a question, My boyfriend (soon to be husband) has applied in many universities (Course starting from Sept 2017) in Europe. for eg. in KTH sweden, TUD Denmark, Delft univ in Netherlands n many more. And we are planning to get married in the end of 2018.
    Could you please tell me, is it possible for me to do a part time job in any above mentioned European country while my husband does his masters in that EU country ?? Because our agent here in India told us that spouse of a person studying in european countries is not allowed to work. Is that true ?? Please let me know.
    Many Thanks,

    • Satu
      Satu • 18 Feb 2017 at 12.19 pm Reply

      Hi Chetna,

      Thank you for reading my blog. Did you mean “get married in the end of 2017” ? I am pretty sure spouse of a student can work full time. My wife works (even though not full time), and many friend’s spouse also work (some are full time). But if you will not be married when you guys move here, then I don’t think you can apply for spouse visa. unless in your country, the government legalized sambo and you guys have certificate to show you live together, like what they have in Sweden.


    • Zulqarnain Janjua • 20 Feb 2017 at 2.10 am Reply

      Hi satu

      Hope you well please confirm my has completed her graduation program now she wants to apply for master program and i wants to come with my wife how much cost is require for program and residence and is there any chance for work permit for my self

      • Satu
        Satu • 20 Feb 2017 at 12.11 pm Reply

        Hi Zulqarnain,

        for the program cost, please visit the university website or , as for the residence for two it range from SEK5000 to SEK6500. you dont really need work permit if your wife is studying here, you can get co-applicant visa. but if you want work permit for yourself you can always apply for some jobs while you are here and ask them. its possible but probably wont be easy to get.


  • Sadaqat ali • 14 Feb 2017 at 7.55 pm Reply

    Plzz tell me about that what is the benefit to go to sweden with wife after marriage . . . . Explain plzzz

  • Sadaqat ali • 14 Feb 2017 at 7.53 pm Reply

    Hii satu
    I m sadaqat from Pakistan I want to know that if my wife take a study visa of sweden and I also want to go with my wife what is the procedure about that may I go with my wife and can stay Sweden with my wife untill she complete study. . . . Is it compulsory that I also take a visa with my wife study visa or other what is expences in Pakistani rupees. . . .

    • Satu
      Satu • 14 Feb 2017 at 8.08 pm Reply

      Hi Sadaqat,

      There is this visa called co-applicant visa, that is being spouse to someone who hold study or work visa. so when your wife apply for study visa, there will be form where she will be asked if she will bring spouse, thats the place where you will be registered. About benefit of the co-applicant visa, you can work full-time.

  • Wim • 14 Feb 2017 at 10.04 am Reply

    Hallo Mas Satu,
    Saya rencana mau mengejar bea siswa untuk Master di WMU Malmo. Dan rencana saya mau mengajak istri dan satu anak saya. Mohon informasi bagaimana dengan biaya sewa rumah/apartemen disana?
    Thank you

    • Satu
      Satu • 14 Feb 2017 at 4.16 pm Reply

      Halo Wim, Berdasarkan jawaban teman saya di Lund, harga kamar studio (dengan dapur dan kamar mandi didalam) berkisar antara SEK4000-5000.

      • Badai • 15 Feb 2017 at 8.36 am Reply

        Hi Satu,

        I have plan to study in Linköping with wife and 1yo daughter. Do you know how much it cost for a family apartment in there.

        Glad to find your post here.

        Thank you

        • Satu
          Satu • 15 Feb 2017 at 12.31 pm Reply

          Hi Badai, Thank you for reading my blog. Let me know if you want me to write about other thing you like to find out.

          I asked my friend who study in Linkoping, he said around SEK4000-4500.

  • Gargy • 10 Feb 2017 at 1.15 pm Reply

    I m planning to move Sweden after doing marriage in coming November 2017. My fiance is now doing internship in Gutenberg and probably he will get a job in coming 4-5 months. I have done engineering (B.Tech Computer Science ), but m passionate about Painting,Sketches and wanted to explore more in that area. So Can you please suggest what I can do, something like part-time job in this area or getting some internship / workshop to explore this art field to the next level.
    Simply i dint want to sit idle in home after coming Sweden, wanted to devote my time to this area.If you have any personal contact or something like that ,it would be very helpful to me.

    • Satu
      Satu • 11 Feb 2017 at 3.29 am Reply

      Hi Gargy, Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 If you will be in Gothenburg or Stockholm, I would not worry about running out of stuff to do. If you just did not want to sit idle at home, you can always apply for SFI (Swedish For Immigrant), a free Swedish language course. They offer 5 days a week class. My friend went from restaurant to restaurant and ask if they need more waiter and now she is working part-time in there. Friend will be good source of jobs too. I will soon start a part-time job delivering food. My wife babysit two days a week. Some friend send newspaper every Saturday. I guess, there are more than what I can think about.

      If you browse this on Facebook: “Jobs in Sweden – English” you will find a Facebook group with some source of jobs posting. People said there are jobs site too but I have not know about them much.

      Let me know if you still have more questions.


  • pk • 29 Jan 2017 at 4.05 pm Reply

    Hi Satu, I will be coming to Sweden on Work permit and my spouse on dependent Visa. Is she eligible for free education in Sweden? Can she do a Bachelor/Master degree course there? What are the option for part time work for her. Thanks.

    • Satu
      Satu • 29 Jan 2017 at 4.15 pm Reply

      Hi PK, As far as I know, Yes your wife can study for free, but she can only apply after she get the personnummer, meaning the next intake (you will get personummer 3 weeks after you arrive). If she is not studying, I believe she can work full-time.

  • Hussain • 19 Jan 2017 at 7.03 am Reply

    Thank you Satu for your valuable answer. Could you share your experience in answering my first question too. It was
    Is there a way I can change my Schengen visa to work visa or any other visa type while I am in Sweden?
    Thank you once again Bro

    • Satu
      Satu • 19 Jan 2017 at 11.07 am Reply

      Hi Hussain, My previous answer is for the question one too. I dont know for sure, but I am guessing that it is not possible.

  • Hussain • 18 Jan 2017 at 7.57 am Reply

    Hi Satu,
    Thank you for posting so much of useful information.

    I will be visiting Sweden on Schengen tourist visa. I am intending to pursue my masters from Sweden. The applications are open now and the course starts in Oct.

    Appreciate if you can answer these questions
    1) Is there a way I can change my Schengen visa to work visa or any other visa type while I am in Sweden?
    2)Can I apply for a student visa while I am in Sweden on Schengen Visit visa?

    Kind Regards

    • Satu
      Satu • 18 Jan 2017 at 11.43 am Reply

      Hi Hussain, I hope you see this reply.

      To be honest, Im not sure if I can answer the question. If I may guess, it would not be possible to do that while you are in Sweden. As we in Indonesia cannot do that before. When we are applying from home, we are told that the student visa need to be acquired before entering Sweden. But check again with migration office (


  • sinoj • 16 Jan 2017 at 6.46 pm Reply

    I would like to study in sweden i am married and i have one child of 5 years if i come with my family will my child get free schooling in sweden

    • Satu
      Satu • 16 Jan 2017 at 9.05 pm Reply

      I am not sure about the free schooling for the child. You have to check with the tax office ( or migration office (

  • saiyad alfej • 4 Jan 2017 at 8.18 pm Reply

    hello sir just i want to know little information can i come for study in sweden with my wife and ya ielts is required or not and if required how much band.. and with study can i do part time job and also my wife.. and its possible after study can i get residence permit.. how much cost in indian ruppe and how to apply pls guide me well sir

    • Satu
      Satu • 5 Jan 2017 at 12.41 am Reply

      Hi Saiyad, IELTS is required to apply for university. So it’s only the student who need to have one. It is 6.5 mininum (at least for my program, Computer Science in KTH. For others, check your selection university’s website). Yes you can come with your wife (she will apply co-applicant visa). Yes you can work part-time 20hours a week. and your wife can do full time. After study, you can apply for 6 months extension visa (to find a job) and after that you have to get a visa from the compaany (if you managed to get a job). Otherwise, you will not be able to get a resident permit (visa). The price is SEK1000 for one year one person.

  • asif • 4 Jan 2017 at 9.55 am Reply

    Hi, Satu. i have few questions
    1 can a student and spouse come and apply for the visa together?
    2 can spouse start business like shop etc?
    thanks alot

    • Satu
      Satu • 4 Jan 2017 at 2.03 pm Reply

      Hi Asif!
      1) yes you can apply together and come together at the same tim
      2) I am not sure about this. But I think you can. I think the procedure to open a business in Sweden is not complicated. The good place to start digging is the Tax Agency (Skatteverket)


  • sumu • 23 Dec 2016 at 7.14 pm Reply

    Hi satu, i am from bangladesh, keen to pursue masters programme for two years. If i bring my spouse ,how much bank balance should be and how long for the period?

    Tnx in advance

    • Satu
      Satu • 23 Dec 2016 at 7.49 pm Reply

      Hi Sumu. I actually forgot how much I have to prepare for my wife’s application, but I think it is around SEK3000 per month times study duration (24 months). What do you mean by period?

  • Karthik_k • 1 Dec 2016 at 9.29 pm Reply

    Hi , I am Karthik from India. I am going to do my masters in USA, will I able to take my wife with me in dependent visa , I planning to take care of everything by loans , is that possible or I need to get ready with some money, How much I have to pay for visa of my wife? , Can she able to work in IT if she gets a job or H1b sponsorship after she coming to US with me.

    • Satu
      Satu • 1 Dec 2016 at 9.52 pm Reply

      Hi Karthik,

      Are you in the wrong page? because we are in Sweden, not US. But if you mean Sweden, yes your wife will be able to work full-time as long as you study in Sweden.


  • SUNNY • 18 Nov 2016 at 11.34 pm Reply


    I am from Pakistan and coming to Sweden for further study in Mast….. can you let me know that as i am married and is it possible to bring my spouse and kids once i come?

    Thank you very much for kind information
    Regards to all

    • Satu
      Satu • 19 Nov 2016 at 1.37 pm Reply

      Hi Sunny! Yes it is possible to bring your spouse and kids when you come.

  • Babu • 28 Sep 2016 at 11.35 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,
    Good job with the blog ! Respect !

    I am an Indian doing my Phd at KTH since Feb 2016. i got married in Sweden to my Indian girlfriend when she visited me this summer. I have registered it on my personal number as well.
    I wish to now apply for a residence permit for her … you think i will need any document from India or the Swedish marriage certificate and personbevis is enough ? I have inquired and India accepts foreign marriages.

    • Satu
      Satu • 29 Sep 2016 at 4.21 pm Reply

      Hi Babu, I have replied to your question by email. hope that helps 🙂

      • Syed Sammar Zaidi • 6 Nov 2016 at 7.31 am Reply

        Hi Everyone!

        I need to ask what are the opportunities for kids school if they come along with mother on their father student visa ?

        Stay on study period will it leads towards permanent residency or work permit ?

        Please reply to my question

        • Satu
          Satu • 6 Nov 2016 at 1.07 pm Reply

          Hi Syed,

          Sure they can go to school in Sweden. if the kids is in early age, there is Förskolan (like kindergarten, except you already can send them there since 1 year old). I think there will be some tuition fee but its not much.

          And stay on study period, I dont think it will lead to permanent residency or work permit. You need to get a job after the study for that.


      • Navie • 27 Mar 2017 at 7.35 am Reply

        I have the same question as Babu. My (long term) girlfriend is applying for a PhD in Sweden, Can I work full-time in Sweden if she gets the PhD position? and what sort of documents do I have to furnish

        • Satu
          Satu • 27 Mar 2017 at 2.03 pm Reply

          Yes you can work full-time if you are registered as a partner (with documents saying that you are spouse)

  • Nivedita • 26 Sep 2016 at 7.36 am Reply

    Hi Satu. your information is very helpful. i have some query, please help. I want to apply for Masters. Could you suggest me which University will be good for me. As i want to come along with my husband and 1 year baby. Which place will be good for find a job for my spouse.

    • Satu
      Satu • 26 Sep 2016 at 1.26 pm Reply

      Hi Nivedita. Thank you for reading my post 🙂 Best university? of course KTH Royal Institute of Technology! haha just kidding. Actually it depends on what field you want to study. I believe any city and any university is totally unrelated for job for your spouse. If we look hard enough, there will be something to do.

  • Reza • 12 Aug 2016 at 10.47 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,
    Can the spouse of an international student doing a one year Master’s program work in Sweden? And generally speaking how good are the one year Postgraduate programs? Appreciate it

    • Satu
      Satu • 13 Aug 2016 at 7.03 pm Reply

      Hi Reza,

      Yes I think it is possible. Not 100% sure, but I think the rules says anyone with a personnummer (your wife will get one if she come as your co-applicant) can go to university or work. I think it is as good as the 2 years program. Just with less course to take, therefore less knowledge to get, by logic.


  • Alvina Rucita • 23 Jun 2016 at 8.33 am Reply

    Hi again Satu ! thankyou for your reply on the other post, I want to ask again about spouse.
    So I am going to study in Sweden and my husband is coming along.
    After getting permanent resident, can he take masters degree in Sweden also, for free?
    And about visa for family members, can I contact you about the details regarding the requirements?

    thankyou so much
    kind regards

    • Satu
      Satu • 23 Jun 2016 at 11.01 pm Reply

      Hi Alvina,

      Yes I believe he can 🙂 but not the same year as you because only when the next admission start (sept-jan) he will have the resident permit and personnummer and can register.

      sure, you can send me a mail. did you see my email address?


  • Elis • 19 May 2016 at 9.24 pm Reply

    Hi Satu. Thanks for the reply to my query! By the way do you know if married students are are allowed to live in SSSB apartments with their spouse even if they are not a student too? Can they get a one or two room apartment? There is no information for married students that I can find on the SSSB website. I will try asking them … but I thought you might know too 😀

    • Satu
      Satu • 19 May 2016 at 11.21 pm Reply

      Hi Elis,

      As matter of fact, I don’t know about that because my house is from KTH Accommodation and not from SSSB, but I asked my friend who stay in SSSB place, she said it depends on the room. For one room apartment it is not allowed, but it is possible for two rooms apartment. It sounds good to check this with the SSSB.


  • Dr. Saima Reza • 5 May 2016 at 9.31 pm Reply

    I m Saima from Dhaka .. I got admitted at Uppsala university and I got the si scholarship.. I m coming with my one year old baby and husband .. What is the procedure of searching a daycare and house ?! Can u help me … Me will come at mid August 2016 inshallalah

    • Satu
      Satu • 7 May 2016 at 12.00 am Reply

      Hi Dr.Saima, congratulations for being admitted in Uppsala and for the scholarship too! As far as I know, in Sweden, starting from 1 years old, government provide this daycare house called Förskolan (First School). Not sure how much we have to pay, but I think it is monthly paid. The government usually let you choose the school closest to your house. And you don’t need to worry, it is actually everywhere in the city. Every 300 meters hahaha. Hopefully everything will be smooth for your family transfer to Uppsala.

    • Fahmida • 19 Sep 2016 at 11.23 pm Reply

      Hi Apu this is Doctor fahmida Ali Tania from ctg..I have completed my mbbs from ustc..need to talk you about study in Sweden..i am really interested..Allah hafez

      • Satu
        Satu • 20 Sep 2016 at 10.23 am Reply

        Hi Dr.Saima Reza! Lot of abbreviation in your post, but thanks for reading ! 🙂 Feel free to email me if you want to ask me something

        • Dr.Fahmida • 20 Sep 2016 at 4.14 pm Reply

          Assalamualaikum Satu.I am dr. Fahmida Ali Tania from Bangladesh.I have completed my MBBS in 2011.I am really interested to study in Sweden with full scholarship. How can I contact with you to know the details. Can I have your contact number pls?

          • Satu
            Satu • 20 Sep 2016 at 11.28 pm

            Walaikumsalam. You can contact me via my email and then we can move on from there.

  • Abir Hossain • 5 May 2016 at 1.48 pm Reply

    Hi Satu,
    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful informative blog post. It really matches with me as i am doing masters here in Sweden and my wife is doing part time job. In relation to your number 3 point, i would like to ask some specific information because, till now we are struggling to get reliable information 🙂
    1. As my wife has her own personnummer, could she be able to get free university or college education?
    2. Will she be able to get enrolled in any university/college ?
    3. Can you give us any official link of this information?
    4. Whom should we contact to get her free enrollment ?

    Would really appreciate if you could answer my queries. Thanks in advance for your wonderful support. And of course, keep up this good work of posting informative posts.
    Abir Hossain

    • Satu
      Satu • 7 May 2016 at 12.03 am Reply

      Hi Abir,

      I believe I have answer your question to your email, but I will write again here, maybe other readers would like to find out too. So basically, I think once she get a personnummer, she can directly apply in any place for study. Like college or even university like us. I think the procedure really similar, wait for the enroll period, submit documents, and wait for result. We have not try it ourselves, but we do have friends that did this.


      • Priscilla • 15 Jan 2017 at 12.24 am Reply

        Satu, my name is Priscilla, I’m from Brazil and I’m married with a swedish citizen for 8 months… I wanted to know, if there are any possibility to study Master Degree in University for free with my resident visa?


        • Satu
          Satu • 15 Jan 2017 at 12.40 am Reply

          Hi Priscilla, Thank you for reading my blog. I am quite sure that if our spouse is a tax paying citizen (swedish or even non-swedish), we can get the facility of free study. Please check this again with skatteverket (tax office) and migrationsverket (migration office).

  • Ketemaw • 5 May 2016 at 11.31 am Reply

    I am in swedin right now and waiting for the permenient residence. I am eager to begin my study as solon as a I get the permit. Do you have an idea which is possible to do during waiting time?

    • Satu
      Satu • 7 May 2016 at 12.09 am Reply

      Hi there! I have few things in mind,

      1) If you plan on finding your accommodation through SSSB, then you can be prepared to register and get benefit of 90 days ahead before the study starts. If you have not already know, SSSB housing is usually cheaper, but took forever to wait for the queue (credit days), so it will be great if you can use that benefit.

      2) Browse through universities bulletin board and check out some events or even part time jobs. By browse I mean go to the campus and see them on your own and not using internet.

      3) Same like number two, but this one in City scale. Use internet to see what event happening soon in your city.

      4) Networking. Join this meetup for entrepreneur, or workshop about climate, and talk to other students or professional.

      Or just enjoy the about-to-come-summer!

  • shuvo • 5 May 2016 at 10.11 am Reply

    hi satu. I am a student of BSC in EEE. I want to go to sweden at KTH for master’s . but I want to know is it possible to stay permanently in sweden after my study and can I take a permanent job in Sweden. thank you.

    • Satu
      Satu • 6 May 2016 at 11.55 pm Reply

      Hi Shuvo. Thanks for dropping in. Sure, there are no restriction in staying in Sweden after graduate. As long as you can find a job and they can provide you work permit (which most jobs will do), you are good to go. Some people say it is not easy to land a job in here. But I have not try myself, as I have not graduated.

  • Aurele • 5 May 2016 at 10.03 am Reply

    Hi Satu! Loved your post.
    I was glad to read and learn some new information about opportunities for spouses in Sweden. I have applied for studies in Gothenburg and I am waiting for the response(hopefully I will be admitted, inshallah), and I had no idea I could take my spouse with me. That’s great news! However, I would love to contact you later if I get a chance to study there, for any information I might need, hope you don’t mind that.
    Thanks again for the post. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Satu
      Satu • 7 May 2016 at 12.10 am Reply

      Hi Aurele! Glad to hear that! Sure I don’t mind at all! Keep contact 🙂

  • Adem Hassen • 5 May 2016 at 6.53 am Reply

    Hey,i want to read Master of social work in ur university b/c i do have BSW degree with GPA=3.75 from recognized university.plz help me to get freescholarship & sponsorship.

  • Sony • 5 May 2016 at 5.55 am Reply

    Interesting and so inspiring for me to explore and gain my master degree in Sweden for sure.

  • Nika • 5 May 2016 at 1.55 am Reply

    Hello very helpful information for me thank u but I want to know that if I’ ll study in Sweden and move up with my family how can my daughter study there? she’s 9 years old and doesn’t know Swedish lang. pls help
    thank u

    • Satu
      Satu • 7 May 2016 at 12.14 am Reply

      Hi Nika! thank you for reading my post. I am not quite sure for your case, as I have not been in that situation. I will try to dig few information from friends and come back to you. My personal guess is that there will be preparation class for kids for learning Swedish before they join the other in regular school. Just like the government provide free Swedish course to everyone.


  • Vanessa • 4 May 2016 at 9.18 pm Reply

    Hi. I Loved your post.
    I have always wanted to go to Sweeden. But, for ous is so Hard to get enough money for my husband, my little baby and me. I do not know If you can help me? I Would love to get a schoolarship for me and al the same time it allow me to take my family with me.
    My email is

    Thanks a lot

  • Rufus Nwigwe • 4 May 2016 at 8.44 pm Reply

    l am longing to doing my post graduate program in sweden. How is the tuition? ls it also free for foreign students?

  • Arafat • 4 May 2016 at 5.39 pm Reply

    …hellow…. I want to go Sweden for study. I need help and information how can I go Sweden.

    • Satu
      Satu • 4 May 2016 at 11.46 pm Reply

      Hi there Arafat! I assume you already have some universities as your target to apply. If you have not, you should start with that. Then you find out their requirement for admission on their university website and also . then start gathering your documents, and finally apply for it on the admission date, usually september to january, for the intake of next autumn.

  • Elis • 4 May 2016 at 5.25 pm Reply

    Hi – does the spouse have to wait one year after getting residency permit in order to get a personnummer? Can’t she or he apply for it straight away after arriving in sweden?

    • Satu
      Satu • 4 May 2016 at 11.43 pm Reply

      Hi Elis! Nope, the spouse can get it right away, if he/she come together with you and you study for at least 1 year. Most people who study for one year did not get personnummer, because they arrive on September and the study finished around June. but if lets say, you are studying for years (august 2016 to June 2018) and you arrived in Sweden around September 2016, and your spouse arrive on December 2016, he/she will still be able to prove that the stay will be longer than 1 year, therefore will get the personnummer.

      ps: in this example, the arrival date is the residency permit

  • Lila • 4 May 2016 at 4.57 pm Reply

    Halo Bang Satu, since you are Muslim, I’d like to greet you by Assalamualaikum.
    I am doing MA.English in India now, planning to pursue my PhD. Sweden is one of choices. Anyway, it is bit OOT, but I wish you don’t mind to answer.
    I am interested in doing research on Theater, do you have any references (Indonesian) to whom I can contact? Is PhD student paid by University, so you can go without any scholarship?
    Thank you.

    • Satu
      Satu • 4 May 2016 at 11.36 pm Reply

      Waalaikumsalam! Thank you very much for reading my post 🙂 unfortunately I do not know anyone related to Theater. But I will try to ask around and see if I can find something. Yes PhD student is paid by the university so you can do it without any scholarship.

  • Satu
    Satu • 29 Apr 2016 at 3.00 pm Reply

    Hi Bolaji. No problem, man. Glad I can help a bit. Yes you are allowed, but required to get the working permit on your own. Same goes for PhD.

  • Bolaji • 29 Apr 2016 at 1.35 pm Reply

    Hi, Satu. Thanks for the post. Really helpful and provides much more detailed information about what I asked the last time.

    Do you know if Swedish Institute scholars are allowed to stay in Sweden after their program to work or do PhD?

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