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Lakes in Swedish forest

9 Differences of Forest in Sweden and Indonesia

This month is summer in Sweden and people go to the forest even more often. The lake is warm enough to swim and that is a good additional feature of the forest. Nature in Sweden is beautiful, but comparing it with Indonesian forest, there are quite a difference. Friends sometimes asked me about, so let’s […]

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How to spend your summer in Sweden

The most beautiful time of the year in Sweden has arrived! We have all finally experienced the beautiful sunny days, swimming or kayaking at the lake, and making trips to new places in the sunshine. If you are moving to Sweden this fall for your studies you might deliberate when to come to Sweden. Since […]

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Days of Canoeing in Färnebofjärden

In the spirit of allemansrätten, I braced myself for a canoeing trip in Färnebofjärden, one out of twenty-nine national parks in Sweden. Unaware of what allemansrätten is? Sigh, you should have understood and remembered this term when you think about Sweden. Check the answer on Elke’s post and see how serious Swedes are regarding this law. For […]

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Kayaking the Stockholm archipelago

I booked this trip one year ago, so you can imagine I had been excited about this for over 365 days, talking about a build up! Back then I already knew that writing a thesis would demand the better half of my body and soul, and that I would need a big fat energiser to recover from […]

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Road trip along Sweden’s West Coast

The moment we were on that tiny boat around the archipelago, going from one island to another along the Sweden West Coast; I knew this trip was going to be even better than expected. But let’s go back to the beginning! Few weeks ago, me together with 3 friends decided to go on a road trip. Where? […]

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